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Passing the Baton: Marvin X's grandson, James, Meets the Press

James Rhodes, son of Nefertiti Jackmon and Eric Rhodes, faces the cameras at a track meet in Houston, TX. He described the suburban neighborhood where he lives with his father  as, "The place where dreams die." The young man will be departing for college soon. Nefertiti, his mother and oldest daughter of Marvin X, is satisfied she gave her son  a significant dose of African and spiritual consciousness.

Nefertiti urges her father to pass the baton at the BAM 50th Anniversary Celebration, Laney College. They participated on the panel BAM/Black Power Babies, an inter-generational discussion.

Two grandsons of Marvin X, left to right, Jah Amiel and James,  participating in the Physical wellness boot camp at the Black Arts Movement 50th Anniversary Celebration at Oakland's Laney College, Feb. 7, 2015. 

Marvin X meets the press in Philly at the Black Power Babies Discussion,
produced by daughter Muhammida El Muhajir and radio station WURD.

Mrs. Lomax-Reese, owner of Philly radio station, WURD, MX, Muhammida and Mrs. Amina Baraka

 Muhammida El Muhajir, international event planner, produced Black Power Babies in Brooklyn, New York
Black Arts Movement/Black Power Babies 3.0: Mahadevi El Muhajir and Shani Baraka. Mahadevi, who speaks Chinese, French and English, is the  daughter of Muhammida El Muhajir. Shani Baraka is the daughter of Amiri Baraka Jr., Chief of Staff of Newark, NJ Mayor, Ras Baraka, his brother. Shani is a one woman band. These two BAM babies connected with love and joy, knew the same songs as they traveled with their parents and grandparents to the Black Power Babies discussion on Theatre Row in Philly.

Academy of da Corner top student Jermaine Marsh, Civil Rights Attorney Walter Riley, father of rapper Boots Riley, Blues living legend Sugar Pie De Santo and Marvin X

 Oakland Post News Group Publisher Paul Cobb and Marvin X are childhood friends who grew up in West Oakland. Both deeply morn the broad daylight assassination of Post Editor Chauncey Bailey.

Bay Area Black authors, artists and activists gather at the Joyce Gordon Gallery to celebrate the life of Chauncey Bailey.
 Three daughters of Marvin X: Amira Jackmon, Esq., Nefertiti Jackmon and Muhammida El Muhajir, Marvin X
Marvin X and his adopted aunt and uncle, Drs. Julia and Nathan Hare, Amira Jackmon, Esq., Yale and Stanford Law School graduate, served as agent for the acquisition of the Hare's archives. Amira works with her father on his many projects. As a lawyer she has won cases against Burger King and legal rounds against the Port of Oakland, as will as appealing to the Texas Supreme Court of Appeals. She recently had her book printed in China, a self published manual on how to train children by offering rewards for good behavior.

Marvin X and daughter Muhammida El Muhajir. International Event Planner, Producer, Muhammida produced Keyshia Cole Day in Oakland, hired her father to write a poem to introduce Keyshia Cole in Oakland's Frank Ogawa Plaza, aka Oscar Grant Plaza. A filmmaker, see her documentary Hip Hop: The New World Order.

Dr. Cornel West, Samantha Akwei, student at Marvin's Academy of da Corner, 14th and Broadway, Black Arts Movement District, Oakland. We are passing the baton to Samantha and her comrades. As ancestor Amiri Baraka would say to Marvin, "Do I have a choice?"

Marvin X in planning session with Laney College President Dr. Elnora T. Webb, along with faculty and staff. Event was an unqualified success. Laney took out full page ad in the Post News Group papers  to thank BAM. photo Adam Turner
 Mrs. Gay Plair Cobb, Director of the Private Industry Council, MX, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Laney College President, Dr. Elnora T. Webb, Dr. Nathan Hare, father of Black Studies in America and Oakland News Group Publisher, Paul Cobb.
photo South Park Kenny Johnson

Left to Right: Paul Cobb, Dr. Leslee Stradford, Rt. Col. Conway Jones, Jr., Chief Adviser to Marvin X, Marvin X, granddaughter Naima Joy, grandson Jah Amiel, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, Laney President Dr. Elnora T. Webb, Dr. Nathan Hare, father of Black Studies in America, Lynette McElhaney, President of the Oakland City Council.

You can help by gathering on 14th and Broadway, Black Arts Movement District,  in your free time to provide security for Marvin X at his Academy of da Corner, while he does his work in the multi- purpose center that includes grief and trauma counseling, micro loan bank, manhood/womanhood training, general education and literacy.

To find out when Marvin X will be at Academy of da Corner, please call 510-200-4164. Donations accepted. Your donation can be tax deductible.

Dr. Franz Fanon, author, Wretched of the Earth. He studied the psychology of those suffering from the addiction to white supremacy. See his Black Skins/White Masks. We are all indebted to Dr. Fanon for breaking down the psychopathology of oppression and how to recover. Fanon says only by engaging in revolution can the oppressed regain their mental equilibrium or mental health. Only when the entire community engages in radical change can we become whole or holy.

Thank you Toni Morrison, but we are the aboriginal Americans, there is no shame in our game. The North American Europeans are so addicted to white supremacy, they cannot imagine there were other Americans in the Americus centuries before they arrived. Ask Columbus who he saw in the ocean on his voyage over here on their way back to Africa!

There are North Americans in Mexico, Central America, Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, South Americans in Brazil, Columbia, Guyana, and all those in the Caribbean.

 Revolutionary comrades Angela Davis, Marvin X and Sonia Sanchez

 Felipe Luciano of the Original Last Poets and Marvin X

 Black Skins/White Masks, Dr. Frantz Fanon

 Black Skins/White Masks, Dr. Frantz Fanon, Father of Recovery from the Addiction to White Supremacy and Colonialism in Black Face

 Marvin X addressing class at the University of Houston, Africana Studies Department

 Marvin X addressing graduate seminar at University of Houston, Africana Studies Department

 Chancellor Marvin X at his Academy of da Corner, with Academy Law Professor Gregory Fields

 Dr. Nathan Hare, PhD, Sociology and PhD Clinical Psychology
The Father of Black Studies in America

 Dr. Julia Hare, The Female Malcolm X

FYI, Marvin X and Dr. Nathan Hare, Clinical Psychologist, work together. See Dr. Hare's Foreword to Marvin X's How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, a manual based on the 12 Step model of recovery from addictions. Dr. Hare has given Marvin X distribution rights to the titles of the Hare's books. The works of Drs. Nathan and Julia Hare are biblotherapy for those addicted to White Supremacy Type II. We want to flood the community with the writings of Dr. Nathan and Julia Hare. You can make a generous donation so we can give out copies of their writings coast to coast.

Biblotherapy or healing from reading books works, if you work it! Two young brothers passed my stand on Oakland's Lakeshore. They turned around to ask to shake my hand. They said, "Brother Marvin X, we found half of your book on the AC Transit bus and it changed our lives. We just want to shake your hand." Ache'! What greater honor can an author receive than to know his books changed lives!

My greatest writing that has changed lives in da hood is the controversial 18 page pamphlet Mythology of Pussy and Dick. I am deeply honored to know this little pamphlet has destroyed the patriarchal mentality. It has taught brothers to respect women and all aspects of the woman's body, including her pussy; that no matter how much the brother pays the cost to be the boss, he doesn't own the woman's body, especially her pussy, i.e., vagina. She is not his chattel slave but owns her body just as he owns his body, his dick in particular. In Islam they say marriage is a contract between two people, so whatever two people agree to is binding. If a man can have four marriages or a woman can have four husbands, it is by agreement. Sign on the dotted line! In my life of 71 years, I have been the other man and have had other women. I have loved sex workers and square women, but love was the key factor. All is fair in love and war! I have written elsewhere that when you love you love and you don't care what baby is doing when she ain't wit you. All you care about is the moment you spend with baby! Somebody better say Ache'!

And so I say to my children and grandchildren, let us go into the new spirituality, the new age, the new consciousness. We are Divine Beings in Human Form. Let us then agree on the life we live. It is all about agreement. If you agree to have four wives, so it is. If you agree to have four husbands, so it is! And if you love da one ya wit, ain't no problem. If it ain't about love, you might have a problem up in here! Guess what, the problem is back to pussy and dick. Sun Ra taught me, "Maavin, this music is all P and D music, pussy and dick music. That's all this music is about, pussy and dick."

Let us then go to the Upper Room of my Father's House. Sun Ra took us so far out we still can't comprehend his imagination. George Clinton tried to take us Sun Ra's World but got lost in the funk. Sonny taught me, "The people don't want the truth, they want to low down dirty truth. Marvin X, you tried to be so right you are wrong. You took out the funk and that's what they want, the low down dirty truth, the funk."

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