Friday, March 15, 2013

Amiri Baraka flees Philly after learning Marvin X was coming

Amina and Amiri Baraka and son Ras, now running for Mayor of Newark, NJ. Marvin X has observed their 47 year old marriage. "I could write a play about them, but!" Someone asked Amiri Baraka, "Why
doesn't Marvin X write a play about you?" Baraka replied, "Because Marvin knows I will write about him!"

We heard from a reliable source that Amiri Baraka rushed home to Newark, NJ after his performance at the University of Penn when he learned Marvin X was arriving to participate in the Black Love Lives Conference on Sat at the Univ. of Penn. We know only one thing, whatever Marvin X says at Black Love Lives, it will be controversial--and inspirational. At Harlem's Schomburg Library, the audience said his remarks on his relationship with Elizabeth Catlett Mora were very inspirational.

On Sunday he will  hold a brunch in North Philly and read for the senior citizens at York House.

In a phone conversation with AB, Marvin X told the Godfather that he would gladly leave town if he and his wife, Amina, would attend the Black Love Lives conference to share how they maintained 47 years of marriage. Marvin has observed their 47 years of marriage but will not disclose anything. "I have other friends who have been married 57 years and 20 years, but I don't want to disclose anything about the relationships of my friends. I will not speak on my brief marriages to multiple women (sometimes simultaneously), but I will discuss my 47 year friendship with Hurriyah Asar (Ethna X), who will be on hand to dispute any of my wild imaginings! lol

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