Thursday, March 21, 2013

John Coltrane's Naimah for John Dolye

We love you John Henry Doyle, Master of Black Arts Theatre, West Coast style
Ed Bullins, Marvin X style.
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by hansgy1
John Coltrane My Favorite Things 1961

1. My Favorite Things 13.41
2. Everytime We Say Goodbye 5.39
3. Summertime 11.31
4. But Not for Me 9.34

John Coltrane - saxophone
McCoy Tyner - piano
Steve Davis - bass
Elvin Jones - drums

Praise be to Allah for John Doyle's journey with us, A genius of Theatre with his heart and soul, nothing else mattered to him, except take directions, follow the script, surrender your soul to the director. And most times he was right with special insight: he was director, actor, set designer, light designer, promoter, We did it all in the Black Arts Theatre, of which John was the continuation. After John came , Buriel Clay, Black Lights Explosion Company with Michael Catlett, et al. And then came the return of Marvin  X with the Black Educational Theatre's Resurrection of the Dead, with Sun Ra's music in Take Care of Business, musical version of TCB. Then Ayodele Nzinga directed In the Name of Love at Laney College Theatre, 1998.  Then Marvin X's Recovery Theatre, 1996-2002, with Geoffery Grier, Ayodele Nzinga, PhD. Ayo directed and starred in One Day in the Life, the longest running African American drama in Northern California.

But John Doyle was in the tradition. As-Salaam-Alaikum, Brother John, Master Teacher.

Gentle soul
ever flowing river
beyond a dream
thoughts concocted in total madness
madness of genius
Grass Roots Theatre
all welcome
pimps ho's hustlers tricks squares
John employed them all
found a way for them to look at the man and woman in the mirror
Remember the time when we were better than ourselves divine

John, master teacher, if you listen, follow orders
He will take you there
land beyond imagination
Ed Bullins
Marvin X
Black Arts West Theatre
San Francisco
grass roots theatre
no shame here
dope fiends on stage in real life
living color pimps
playing pimps hustlers
Man in the Mirror
Remember the Time
Better ax somebody.
Love you, John!
--Marvin X

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Giant Steps

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