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Parable of the Rabbit by Marvin X

Parable of the Rabbit

Parable of the Rabbit
There was a rabbit that laid chicken eggs. People were so impressed with this rabbit they went hunting for rabbit eggs. The eggs were of different colors, beautiful red, green, yellow, purple and blue colored eggs. What a magical rabbit this was.

Somehow the people made a strange connection between this rabbit and a man who was crucified, resurrected and ascended to heaven. According to this fantastic story, the man arose from inside a cave with a big rock at the entrance. He managed to remove the rock and was seen walking around in a garden. Maybe he was on an egg hunt too.

It was reported some women were in the garden hunting for the colored rabbit eggs when they saw the man hunting too, searching under bushes and in the grass, behind trees. They said he said he was hungry since he didn't get a chance to finish his last supper because a snitch reported to homeland security that he was a terrorist, had made terrorist remarks at the supper about what was going to happen to the king and his magicians called preachers, teachers and politicians, also known as Ten Percenters.

He called them liars and the father of lies, also said they were murderers and the truth was not in them. He said if God were their father they would love him but they sought to kill him because he told them the truth. So he was arrested and lynched on a tree, but he survived.

He told the women he didn't know why they did this to him since he was only trying to tell the truth because his father had told him the truth would set people free. His father told him he was divine and other people were too. We and our father are one, he told the women. They nodded in agreement and walked with him around the garden as he looked for more rabbit eggs to eat.

The women kissed him on the cheek, hand and feet and offered him a little wine they had brought in their basket for the egg hunt. He drank the wine, then told the women he had to depart for the upper room in his father's house. He promised they could come visit him one day. After he departed, the women continued hunting for the rabbit eggs and drinking their wine.
--Marvin X

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