Monday, March 18, 2013

Coming soon to a venue near you: In Concert: Marvin X and pianist Alfie Pollitt

Black Love Lives, producer Nisa Ra (former wife of Marvin X and mother of their daughter Muhammida El Muhajir, co-producer), Sister Zoharah (a disciple of His Holiness Guru Bawa--this entire group was influenced by Elijah Muhammad and Guru Bawa), Marvin X, Hurriyah Asar (celebrating a 47 year friendship with Marvin X) at Houston Hall, University of Penn. Marvin X concluded the conference with a reading accompanied by Philly living legend, pianist Alfie Pollitt at the Black owned Cleft Jazz Club.

The Black Love Live Conference ended with Marvin X reading from his The Wisdom of Plato Negro, parables and fables. He read Parable of the Heart, backed by Philadelphia's living legend, pianist Alfie Pollitt. The two have long wanted to perform together. "This is the start of something Alfie and I have talked about for at least two years. It was a pleasure having this Philly legend perform with me. In sha' Allah, there is more to come between us. We share the same musical, artistic and spiritual consciousness."

Alfie Pollitt and Marvin X, seated, vending his books at Black Love Lives Conference, University of Penn.

Parable of the Heart

There was a man who loved God. He went to churches, mosques, temples in his search for God. He married, had children, a good job, yet still didn't feel he knew God. He prayed day and night until his knee caps had sores. He called out for God to make Himself known in his life. Hearing nothing from God, he balled his fists at God, in anger and frustration. Why won't God talk to me, he wondered?

He loved his family and they loved him. He gave them all the material comforts, yet he was angry because he felt God was hiding from him, and he wanted God to be real in his life. He tried over and over attending churches, mosques, temples. He studied all the religions, isms, schisms, sects, cults. He almost had a breakdown because he believed God was playing tricks with him.

Finally God spoke to him. He said, look, man, you have everything any man could want: a beautiful family, good job, a sincere heart. Why do you keep calling me? Do you think I am deaf?

I've done all I can do for you. You have everything. Get off your knees, there is no need to pray to me. Why are you praying when I've already answered? Are you an ungrateful wretch? Don't you know I have plenty of work to do with all these wretched beings causing hell on earth? Why do you want me to waste time with you when I made you perfect, without defect?

Your search for me is in vain because I have been with you all the time. Every time your heart beats, that is me moving inside you. Now what else do you need to know?

And so the man came to know God as his heart beating in the day and in the night. He came to believe and know the religion of the heart. He no longer searched for God in buildings, churches, mosques, temples, but instead listened to his heart beat, the rhythm of his soul. He looked to the God within and without, since God also told him He was everywhere in all things, that there was nothing and nowhere He was absent. He was in the trees, rivers, oceans, fish, cows, horses, mountains, old people, poor, rich, youth, hungry, sick, dope fiend, alcoholic, sinner. All is in God and God is in all. He is in the fly, bees, birds, ants, mosquitoes, rats, snakes.

His family was so happy he had found God in his heart. They wondered why it took so long for him to see the light. His wife told him she saw God in his face the day they met. 
--Marvin X

Marvin X. Jackmon has shared a video with you on YouTube

Celebration, performance and rare interview of legendary Philadelphia musician & composer ALFIE POLLITT who celebrated his 70th earthday on January 6, 2013 at the Philadelphia Clef Club House of Jazz. Performances by Alfie Pollitt and Love's Magic.

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