Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Academy of da Corner at Berkeley Juneteenth

Poet/teacher Marvin X in front of his Academy of da Corner booth, with librarian Ayiba (Linda) Jolivet and UC professor emeritus/novelist Cecil Brown, who will release his latest work PRYOR LIVES (How Richard Pryor became Richard Pryor), a study, memoir and biography rolled into one.

photo Princess O. Davis

Academy of da Corner booth, Berkeley Juneteenth 2013
photo Princess O. Davis

Academy of da Corner is a multipurpose educational project of the Marvin X Ministry.
Aside from spreading literacy and literature, Academy of da Corner serves as a crisis counseling center, a mentoring center and a micro loan bank. Two of Marvin X's students, Aries Jordan and her sister Toya recently published their first collections of poems.

We also operate the Community Archives Project to educate common people to stop trashing their archives upon the transition of elders to ancestor hood. "Don't throw away shit!" says Marvin X.
"I am guilty of trashing my archives from the 60s. My guilty is part of the reason I formed the Community Archives Project so that we stop throwing out our history, the family records containing letters, notebooks, diaries, manuscripts, photos, videos, audio tapes of what happened to us in the wilderness of North America. This history will shock the world--it will make the Jewish Holocaust a story for kindergarten children. Read The New Jim Crow, Post-traumatic Slave Syndrome, Medical Apartheid, The Black Anglo-Saxons, How to Recover from White Supremacy, et al.

Academy of da Corner through Black Bird Press, publishes the works of Marvin X, including the books, pamphlets, DVDs and CDs of X's plays, readings, conferences, festivals and other events.
"Marvin X's events are High Culture!" says a patron. A list of books, audio and video works is available.

We are presently agent for the archives of  Drs. Nathan and Julia Hare. We would like to see their archives  acquired by an institution that will insure their archives will be accessible to the community as well as academics. If you know of such an institution, please contact me at the earliest. The price is negotiable. FYI, Dr. Nathan Hare is the Father of Black Studies and founding publisher of The Black Scholar Magazine. Dr. Julia Hare was called the female Malcolm X!
--Marvin X,
Academy of da Corner,
Community Archives Project

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