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Men on Strike: Society's War on Men

Men on Strike: Society's War On Men

American society has become anti-male. Men are sensing the backlash and are consciously and unconsciously going on strike. They are dropping out of college, leaving the workforce, and avoiding marriage and fatherhood at alarming rates. Other books have addressed this problem in terms of its impact on women; Male Strike looks at the topic from the viewpoint of men: Why should they participate in a system that seems to be increasingly stacked against them? As the interviews and surveys in this book demonstrate, men aren't dropping out because they're immature man-children. They are acting rationally in response to the lack of incentives society offers them to be responsible fathers, husbands, and providers. Male Strike describes this phenomenon and offers solutions and action-oriented advice to men, to society, and to the women who love them.(less)
Hardcover176 pages
Published June 18th 2013 by Encounter Books


Although we have yet to read this book, the topic is quite familiar to us and we have written on the pitiful state of men in this society and worldwide. In a nutshell, the patriarchal order is in disarray simply because men are not organized, though the mythology is in their favor, yet facts on the ground are clear evidence women are winning the war of the sexes or the gender war. 

It is partly due to men who try to be more sensitive but end up submitting totally to the feminine agenda, in short, putting their nuts in the woman's purse. It is all very nice and proper to recognize the rights of women but not to the total destruction of men or their manhood.

The more women have become organized, along with gays, lesbians and transgender people, the more men have become unglued and yes, in the reverse of the Greek play Lysistrata when the women went on strike, men, rather than standing up for their Rights of Men, are coping out, dropping out and taking flight to God knows where, after all, there is no hiding place and ultimately they must organize for their rights. Alas, lesbians and gays can get married but men cannot enjoy a sex worker in peace. 

They are discriminated by gender in all walks of life, let us not begin to describe how Black men are the object of society's wrath, especially by the criminal justice system, Trayvon Martin is the most recent example of walking while Black. The high incarceration rate is another example, alas, black men are now a commodity on the stock market, traded by the private prison industry like wheat, corn, pork and beef. White boys can legally sell marijuana but black boys are arrested for selling the same weed they bought from  white boys at the marijuana club. 

Why is there a global rape epidemic? For starters, we know rape is an act of violence for domination, thus we must ask why do men see the need for violence in male/female relations? Why can't they ask for what they want? Is it because they fear rejection and thus dismiss the need for
communication and dialogue. 

It is true that men are not needed for a woman's economic survival in today's world. Women are educated and economically independent. 
If they cannot find a husband, these days that is no matter, another woman will do. Thus men are taking a hike to places unknown, but we know there is no hiding place. Ultimately, they must reach a peace with women, must connect with their children who may have become alienated and disconnected from them. It is not easy, it is hard work but men cannot now hide in the closet but must come forth like Lazarus to redeem their manhood. 
--Marvin X
See his Mythology of Pussy and Dick

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