Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ayo's Poem

    • the fig tree is still
      no birdsong silent
      Sitting Bull & I know

      it knows I am leaving
      landless me in conversation
      with Oya who tells me
      change is on the wind
      so I have packed my bags
      I am once again on the
      path rocks and all traveling
      forward, sword at my side,
      wind at my back
      searching for light
      looking for ink cups
      on the sills of windows
      to write down my
      dreams in indigo
      Ayodele Nzinga

      Ayodele, now Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, PhD, is Marvin X's top student, since she enrolled in his drama class at Laney College, 1981. She has directed several of his play, including In the Name of Love, Laney College Theatre, 1981, One Day in the Life, Malonga Center, 1996, Flowers for the Trashman, 2009. Dr. Nzinga is founder and director of the Lower Bottom Playaz in West Oakland. There she has produced the works of August Wilson (working on the complete cycle), Opal Palmer Adisa and her own. She has turned her six children into thespians.

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