Monday, June 17, 2013

Fillmore Street Living Legends: Marvin X and Fillmore Slim at SF Juneteenth, 2013

photos by Aries Jordan

During the 1960s, Fillmore Slim and Marvin X worked on Fillmore Street doing their thang. In 1966, Marvin X co-founded Black Arts West Theatre, along with playwright Ed Bullins, et al.  At Marvin's San Francisco Black Radical Book Fair, 2004, Fillmore and friends Gangsta Brown, Mickey Moore, Rosebud Bitter Dose, Jimmy Star participated with their books. They told the audience if they had known writing books was a way to live, they would have passed up pimping. Dr. Julia Hare told them, "Don't feel guilty, after all, we have a lot of ecclesiastical pimps every Sunday!" As for his past, Fillmore said he did his time in prison and warns young brothers, don't do the crime cause you will do the time. And stop shaming the game, pimping with yo pants off your behind, on a bicycle, staying at yo mama's house. And don't beat yo ho's. Treat them gentle. If you don't beat them, they might come back. If you beat them they will be long gone! And keep yo day job cause pimpin ain't easy! I'm a guitar player and blues singer. I sing the blues all ova the world! I was singing the blues when dat white girl put dat money in my hand! And I'm still singing the blues.

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