The Shaman Speaks to Neophyte
photo Gene Hazzard
you come into my world of fire
disturbed you got burned
what foolishness is this
when the world is ablaze
do they not make fires
to put out fires?
In my fire is love
the only reason for being
engulfing the flames
burn away all illusions
only the essential shall remain
the loving self
beyond youth and age
beyond preference
want desire
only the spirit needs shall be met
no ego desires need apply
it is dross
like a candle in the wind
the flame cannot last
the student and teacher dance
only to transcend the normal naked world
that bland self taught by mother/father
on to the shaman world beyond the brink
across the chasm
that is our task
if you come with me
all the way to the end
no half stepping
no diversion into the normal
this journey is to the meta reality
you can go there with me or fly
into fires beyond my torch of freedom with discipline
beyond lover husband and wife
to the spirit truth
without name
yet it is all there is in essential time
we may not like each other
but again the need is there
we try escape to no avail
humankind is not for us
only the divine
so try if you must to escape
see how we come into each other's arms
only to avoid the kiss
some fear remains
until we understand there no escape
the matter was settled the moment we met.
We are one in the sun in the wind in the fire of love.
--Marvin X