Thursday, June 27, 2013

Call for a Bay Area Black Radical Book Fair

 Ishmael Reed

Academy of da Corner and Black Bird Press call for a Bay Area Black Radical Book Fair. The following authors are invited to participate:

Douglas Allen
Judy Juanita
Ishmael Reed
Cecil Brown
Dr. Nathan Hare
Angela Davis
Fuad Satterfiled
Marvin X
Jerri Lange
Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, PhD
Phavia Kujichagulia

If you are an author and wish to participate, contact Marvin X at 510-200-4164 or

We suggest each author contribute $100.00 to cover expenses of this event including space rent, promotion, printed program and refreshments.

Suggested topics for workshops:

How to write your book
How to Publish Your Book
How to Promote Your Book
Why we need a Black Writers Union
Will Your Book Help Free Us (Sonia Sanchez quote)
Writing in the Digital Age

Panels and Talks on Critical Issues

We think there should be panels and talks on current issues that can be discussed from a black radical point of view, especially from a revolutionary black nationalist point of view. But let all schools of thought contend. I come from a black nationalist point of view because we must look out for self first. The Latinos know this, thus the cry La Raza, La Raza, La Raza. Everybody knows self first except the so called Negro. He's for everybody else except himself, thus he ends up on the bottom of the multi-cultural ladder!-- Marvin X

Possible location: Black Repertory Group Theatre, Geoffrey's Inner Circle and the Joyce Gordon Gallery. Tentative sponsors: Oakland Post Newspaper Group, KPOO radio, KPFA radio, Comcast 78, Do for Self Books.

Tentative Date: September, 2013

Each author will be given time to read and promote their book, along with a table. Each author is expected to help promote this event to insure there are more people than authors in attendance.

From Black Bird Press

Eldridge Cleaver: My friend the Devil, A Memoir by Marvin X, 2009, Black Bird Press, Berkeley

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