Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Egypt and the American Revolution

On the 3rd of July, 2013, as we see the masses of Egypt celebrating in Tahrir Square, surely we must ask ourselves why we are not engaged in a similar real time drama for our own freedom, justice and equality?

Are we brain dead, pray tell me what is the matter with the Americas as they view the millions and millions of Egyptians forcing a change, a change so badly needed in the American body politic as well!

Why are you stuck on stupid between the Democratic and Republican parties, when both have duped you and left you high and dry on the roadside, robbed and half dead?

As you celebrate the American Revolution of July 4, 1776, ask yourselves what part of the American Revolution you agree with? Do you agree with life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Do you agree with the consent of the governed? Do you agree tyrannical governments must be overthrown?

Perhaps you need to peruse the American constitution that you may be asked to recite word for word in order to vote since the Supreme Court left it upon states to determine the qualifications for voting.

Let us pray for the people of Egypt, Kemet, Misri, and host of other names, let them teach us about the process of revolution! No matter what, what did Fanon say, All de-colonialism is successful!

Finally, what is true for you is true for me, so if the Egyptian people can unite for their rights, so can Americans, unless they are stuck on stupid and wish to remain there!
--Marvin X

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