Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Final Call from the Afro Horn of Francisco Mora Cattlett

Cover art by David Mora Catlett

In Francisco Mora Catlett's Afro Horn, we have rhythms from Pan Africa, i.e., Africa, Cuba, Mexico and the USA or North American Africans. This Diasporic music is, I think, a synchronization  of Francisco's cultural and musical heritage and artistic inclination. He spent years as a Sun Ra drummer, and we most certainly hear Sun Ra's sound in Afro Horn. The Cuban Yoruba tradition is loud and clear, as well as the Afro-Latin tradition. This is Pan African consciousness music at its greatest!

Cover art by David Mora

It is as well above all traditions except the infinite, the long going story of humanity rising from the depths of despair to celebration and relief.

Many moments in this album remind us of Hancock's Maiden Voyage, just traveling along the space ways, as Sun Ra would put it. It is a journey to somewhere, we know not where and we don't care, we only want the ride to some place better than this, that mystical place Afro Horn begs us to go, inspired by the metaphysical Henry Dumas.

And there is are moments with horn and drum. Moments of Coltrane and the best of his tradition, it is all captured here and transformed into the sound of the Afro Horn.

Art by Elizabeth Cattlett Mora
celebrating the Black Panther Party

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