Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Generalismo Marcus

Generalismo Marcus
led us on many battles
through the ages
the African campaign
much destruction
famine drought
fights for the throne
when kings and queens departed
we followed the stars
Ogotomeli told us about

found ourselves far away from the Nile or Hapi
sorrow songs met us in the west
kingdoms came and went
until we found ourselves
in the door of no return
for a time we thrived
then got weak
no safety in the land
mock battles enslaved us
brought us low
the kings conspired
greed set upon us
trinkets for gold and slaves

Generalismo Marcus
recounted all this
showed us the map back home
if we listened and we did

Told us how great we had been
all the trials along the Nile or Hapi
now was our chance
maybe the last
for all time
to do the right thang
Black Power
Generalismo cried
remember the star
Ogotomelli saw
follow it without detour
it will take you to that mountain
then down into the valley
across the stream
into the meadow
where mothers breastfeed their babes
in the sun
warriors train in the forest
knives machetes sharp
fear is a foreign tongue
death in battle is the joy of life
Generalismo Marcus chides us
for weakness
stand tall he said
do not let fear confound you
this foreign tongue
leap upon the enemy
strike fear into them
not in yourselves
ever on the alert
not boastful
humble to the God
say blessings daily
for the dead, living
yet unborn
There is no turning back
no room for cowards
only victory is acceptable
no defeat possible
if we listen to Generalismo Marcus
map in hand
the right path clear
there is no doubt
we can win
we shall win.
--Marvin X

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