Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Oh, Misri, Out of Egypt shall come great things!

Today we witnessed another level in the people's revolution. Yet the future is uncertain, but it is clear the Egyptian people appear to reject Islamic religiosity in favor of a more secular state. Appearances can be deceiving since the Islamists were never allowed to rule in any substantial manner, though it appeared they were determined, as was their right, to establish the type of government they believe in.

The problem was that there were too many rats from the Mubarak regime in the alley ways and bazaars who had no intention of allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to rule. In Iraq, the Sunni states in tandem with Israel and the USA, have no intention to allow the Shia government to rule in peace. The irony is that America doesn't give a damn about Sunni or Shia. Did America give a damn about Malcolm X and/or Martin Luther King, Jr.? They didn't give a damn about Malcolm's Islam or Dr. King's Christianity. By tomorrow morning, America will have sided with the military, alas, she was always with the military, after all, she has propped up the military to the degree that it is a state within a state, having not only military power but economic power as well--quite similar to the US military/corporate complex President Eisenhower warned you about!

America armed Islamists in Libya, supported the Brotherhood in Egypt, now supports Al Quida in Syria. There is no end to the duplicities of this Beast! He will kill his mama for a dollar, a military contract, a barrel of oil! Oh, what manner of Beast is this? And who is able to make war with this Beast?

But the Beast is in a conundrum, a ball of confusion, unable to chart his path with clarity and precision due to too many irons in too many fires. He cannot sort them out, cannot distinguish read friends from real enemies. He only knows that there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests. In his delusion and psychopathology, he is that classic character from Shakespeare's dramas, Hamlet, to be or not to be in reality!
--Marvin X

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