Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Egypt and the process of revolution

Marvin X at memorial for Little Malcolm Shabazz, Oakland CA
photo Reginald James/Courtesy of Shabazz Family

During the 60s, we thought revolution would come overnight, that capitalism and imperialism would be destroyed, that North American Africans would achieve independence and separation into a nation of our own. Of course we were starry eyed idealists, under the cloud of marijuana smoke called romanticism. We had the people, the masses, but we were no match for the power of the USA, and yet we confronted the USA with our pistols and shotguns, fought a valiant and noble fight but were ultimately defeated by the US cointelpro, the US program to undermine and defeat the Black Liberation  movement, although the movement had its own internal contradictions, ideologically and classic psychopathic personalities.

Often we forgot the long struggle that preceded us (chattel slavery, segregation, failed reconstruction, KKK terrorists, civil rights)  ever since we were kidnapped and marched through the Door of No Return. In our romanticism, we just knew Black Power would be successful, not understanding that opportunists were among us, awaiting the moment when they could materially benefit from the struggle for freedom, justice and equality, self determination and nationhood. Of course, we all wanted something from the revolution. As Dr. Hare says, revolution are for something. But some take it to the extreme by being greedy, they want it all for themselves. Our movement was beset with reactionary opportunists who grabbed the money, the jobs, the housing, political positions and other opportunities
to insure the true believers, the struggling masses, foot soldiers never would or could benefit in a substantial way.

Egypt is now enduring the process of revolution, the transformation from slavery to freedom. They may have confused getting rid of Pharaoh Mubarak with immediate freedom and democracy. The opportunists had time to secure their gains, the army, businessmen, those steeped in religiosity, especially the Muslim Brotherhood who had fought the modern phoraohs for decades. Have they had time to secure anything politically and economically, especially with the filthy hands of the USA and Israel playing backfield in motion? Has either side made a truthful effort at political compromise, for we know in politics no one gets everything they want. But when 16 million people march on you, leaders had better pay attention, depart the prayer room to the street and listen. The people may have a truth or two for you!
--Marvin X

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