Thursday, August 29, 2013

Black Bird Press News & Review: Ishmael Reed Reviews The Sayings of Plato Negro, Marvin X

Ishmael Reed Reviews The Wisdom of Plato Negro, Marvin X

However, if I had to pin down the influences upon Marvin X’s The Wisdom of Plato Negro,  Parables/Fables, I would cite the style of Yoruba texts. I studied for some years under the tutoring of the poet and scholar Adebisi T.Aromolaran ( “ Wise Sayings For Boys and Girls”) and was guided through some texts in the Yoruba language which revealed that didacticism  is a key component of the Yoruba story telling style. Africans use proverbs to teach their children the lessons of life. Marvin X acknowledges the Yoruba influence on his book, The Wisdom of Plato Negro, Parables/Fables....
--Ishmael Reed

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