photo Gene Hazzard

Dear Friends-
A project that I began more than 10 years ago has finally reached completion and will be released in a few weeks! Many of you have followed the progress of this project and I am excited to finally share the finished product.

Hip Hop: The New World Order is an archival documentary I produced & directed that explores the global impact of Hip Hop in 8 international cities: Tokyo, Havana, London, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Rio de Janeiro, & Johannesburg and shot between 1998-2002.

This film has truly been a labor of love and has been put on the creative shelf many times over the years while I focused on other projects i.e. Nike, Graduate Studies in Ghana, Sun in Leo, Frank White, and more recently Mahadevi!! Interesting enough technology has finally caught up with my global vision. Keep in mind there was no itunes, netflix, facebook, twitter, etc. back in ’98. So now I can share the film with the world!!

In addition to releasing the film through an amazing new digital platform called Distrify, I will also launch a promotional international tour and return to the cities of production (and a few others) to re-connect with the artists and communities featured in the film. 
I NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Here are 5 Ways You Can Help!

NYC Folks I’ll be hosting a screening/tour kickoff party on Sunday, 8/18 at The Thompson LES Hotel!  RSVP

Thank You in advance for your continued support! It means so much.

Kind regards,

muhammida el muhajir
sun in leo, inc.
f: sun in leo
t: @suninleonyc