Saturday, August 24, 2013

Young Men Dialogue at Marvin X's Peripatetic Academy of da Corner

You ought to start something called "Peripatetic Universities." Greek philosophers like Socrates pioneered walk around place to place schools. It's time for an off campus intellectual movement 
(like the Enlightenment which was begun off campus; Voltaire, for an example, was playwright). On -campus academics- some of the prominent ones-at Harvard and Yale, and Think Tank intellectuals John McWhorter and Shelby Steele are no different from the French Vichy intellectuals and academics under Hitler. Only 8% of poor people go to college. This shouldn't be the end of their intellectual careers.
A Peripatetic University would work this way: leaflets would be passed out in black neighborhoods announcing a site of a Peripatetic lecture. These could be held in parks and elsewhere.
--Ishmael Reed

Marvin X's peripatetic Academy of da Corner was at the Berkeley Flea Market this Saturday. The two young men above engaged in an extensive dialogue on manhood training. The 19 year old on the right was deeply upset at the recent lost of his friend to homicide. He said learning of his friend's death caused him chest pain along with grief. He acknowledged the friend and his murderer were

friends but had words over a female. The young man has read Marvin's Mythology of Pussy and Dick and says every word of it is truth. He hopes that brothers will some day get it in their heads that they do not own women. He said his dead friend was probably a victim of jealousy and envy as well. 

The 19 year old was sent to Academy of da Corner by his father, a vendor at the Berkeley Flea Market.
The young man is trying to figure out why he is so attracted to females, especially on the physical level.
Marvin, aka Plato Negro, said God designed women to attract men, but too often we are attracted by their behinds rather than their minds! After the fuck, then what? 

You Don't Know Me

    You don't know me
    you had a chance to know me
    before we made love
    you had a chance to know my mind
    understand my fears
    learn about issues
    help me heal some things
    but you wanted to make love
    so you don't know me
    we made love
    but you don't know me
    don't have a clue
    think I'm a good dick
    or you some good tight pussy
    but you don't know me
    and never will now
    because you wanted to make love
    you wanted to get a nut
    we didn't even talk much
    a little bit leading up to sex
    I went along
    I was horny too
    but you don't know me
    and I don't know you
    now we never will
    we blew it forever
    because we made love
    too fast too quick too soon
    now you think you own me
    I can't breathe
    can't talk on the phone to friends
    because we made love
    because I gave you some dick
    you gave me some pussy
    now I'm no longer human
    I'm your love slave
    you my slave
    we're in love but you don't know me
    we gonna get married
    but you don't know me
    we're gonna have children
    but you don't know me
    you're gonna beat my ass
    but you don't know me
    you're going to jail
    but you don't know me
    we're getting a divorce
    but you don't know me
    now we're friends "Just Friends" Charlie Parker tune
    But you don't know me and never will.

    The brother on the right is in his early 40s. He asked Plato Negro what is to be done about the present situation. Plato said, "Don't ask me, it's on you, not me. What are you going to do about the present situation?" The brother agreed knowledge is the key. The people being destroyed for lack of knowledge. They have no knowledge of self, God and the devil! They have no knowledge of the women, hence they think they own her and will kill over her. The older brother told the younger that his first duty is to serve God. His life and death are all for God. Seek ye first the kingdom of God, then all things shall be added unto you. He gave the younger brother a brief history of the Aboriginal people of Africa, Asia and the Americas. Plato was content to let the brothers talk; he said very little, sometimes he chimed in with "That's right!"

    Academy of da Corner has been invited to San Francisco's Hunters Point/Bayview. Look for him soon at Palou and 3rd and 3rd and La Salle in front of Da Corner gear shop. His sponsors promise to serve generous refreshments to all attendees.

    For more information, call 510-200-4164

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