Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Egyptian Tragedy

Diop taught us there is no African tragedy, only comedy, thus in the end we know all shall be well for the Egyptian masses. At this hour things look bleak in the land of pharaohs. For sure the deposing of the Muslim Brotherhood regime will not bring power to the people but power to elements of the previous regime of pharaoh Mubarak in the form of the US supported military who claims it got rid of the first democratically elected president in Egyptian history in the name of the people, but if we follow the money trail, we know President Morsi was rolling on the money grabbers in the military who control the economy. Thus what is happening in Egypt is about economics not politics. The military has long been in control of the economics and were not about to allow the Muslim Brotherhood to displace their fundamental role as autocrats. 

The Brotherhood won the election because it was the best organized, but elements of the old regime, including the military and judiciary, had no intention to allow it to rule uninterrupted. The Brotherhood slogan was Islam is the Solution and it had every right to carry out its plans for an Islamic society. This was its democratic right, if we truly believe in such, but we know money overrides  politics in the real world. Even the 1.3 billion dollars from the USA does not match the 12 billion promised from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states, so the army went for the biggest pot under the guise of fulfilling a mandate from the ignorant masses.

For sure, Egypt is a nation divided between urban liberals and rural based Islamists. The military has sided with the liberals in a deceptive move that shall soon reveal their true mission to restore business as usual, i.e., to placate the West and other reactionary forces in the geopolitical game, namely Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the Gulf states. 

Time has proven any suppression of the Brotherhood shall be short-lived. Nassar, Sadat and Mubarak tried suppression yet they survived and we predict they shall overcome the present morass. We pray next time around they will broaden their perspective to include a true desire to consider a more inclusionary regime. 

Fundamental Islam is a reaction to colonialism and neo-colonialism. What is needed is an ideology that includes a recognition of Islamic culture in the political realm. Turkey might be an example. 

Western liberalism will find little room in the so called Arab Spring, for the West had proven itself too hypocritical and malevolent, a contradiction to itself and its so called long espoused principles of freedom, justice and equality. The Arabs are quickly discovering Western style democracy, including the right to vote, is not the panacea for what ills their world. More than anything, the Arabs need justice, a sharing of the wealth and human dignity for all, including men and women. They need not ape the West because the West has yet to impart true freedom, justice and equality to the descendants of Africans who were victims of the American slave system. Alas, America has no intention to provide a living wage to its citizens, whether white, black, brown, gay/lesbian or straight. America shall continue its futile mantra of global free trade, aka, wage slavery. America should thus prepare for its own Spring,
for as with the Arabs, dissatisfaction demands change. 

America has never been an honest broker in the Middle East but has sought to suck oil from the region
so greedy Americans can drive their gas guzzlers down freeways bumper to bumper. She tells the Palestinians to make peace with Israel but we know without justice there shall never be peace!

America suffers a myopia so severe she will not even declare a coup has taken place in Egypt  when the entire worlds knows what happened. This refusal to acknowledge reality is the tragic flaw America suffers and we know from the study of classic drama that self destruction is the ultimate result of such hubris. This addiction to delusion for political expediency shall come to haunt America like that whirlwind Marcus Garvey predicted!

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