Monday, August 26, 2013

USA can't confirm use of chemical weapons in Syria, but can see water on Mars

After the great Massacre committed by the Syrian regime and the 1,800 killed by Chemical Weapons in Damascus city, Washington says it is "unable to determine"whether chemical weapons were used in Syria or not ... This comes with the confession of Mr. AlMuallem [The Syrian Minister of Foreign Affairs] of the use of chemical weapons in the surrounding area of Damascus city, but he accused the rebels!!!

However, with hundreds of videos and satellites, which some of them are most recent, well advanced and developed they are capable to see a grain of rice in a level courtyard on earth.

Samuel Kounaves of NASA, said: 'We discovered by the Phoenix space probe that [planet] Mars soil is slightly alkaline and contains materials such as magnesium, sodium, potassium and chlorine, and that Mars soil also has hydrogen concentration of %8.3 and may contain the effects of NaCIO4...Etc.

NASA has identified the quality of gases in Magellan Cloud, and the highest rate which is hydrogen - and traces of the Saran gas, CF.

Magellan Cloud is 200 thousand light-years away from the edge of our galaxy "Milky Way", and not from the earth.

It is a known fact that the light travels 9,460,800,000,000 kilometers a year. This means that the distance from where America determined the presence of the gases in America in Magellan Cloud is 18,921,600,000,000,000 km,

Moreover, NASA also stated that they cited the emergence of three pits/holes on the surface of the moon. They followed their formation directly in few minutes. They identified the intervals between the appearance of the first, the second and the third hole on the surface of the moon, consecutively. NASA explained that the three holes showed deep penetration that reached 200 meters, 200 meters, and 250 meters, respectively. Each one forms debris that extends nearly a full kilometer. The first hole is 180 meters south-west away from the second and the second is the same from the third hole, however, they still can’t determine that chemical weapons were used in Damascus City or not!

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