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BAM: Next Stop San Francisco, HP, TL, Fillmore, Lakeview

Panel on BAM/Black Power Babies, an inter-generational  dialogue between artists/activists and their children: Laney College moderator is Davey D, participants include Renya Collins and Terry Collins, Kujichagulia and Taiwo, Marvin X and Nefertiti
photo South Park Ken Johnson
 BAM and Black Women Writers: Elaine Brown, Halifu Osumare, Judy Juanita, Marvin X (Producer) Portia Anderson, Phavia Kujichagulia, Aries Jordan
photo South Park Ken Johnson

 Marvin X with Bay Bridge in b.g., circa 1995
photo South Park Ken Johnson

 Playwright Ed Bullins and Marvin X founded Black Arts West Theatre on Fillmore Street, 1966. Along with Eldridge Cleaver, Bullins and Marvin X established the political/cultural center known as Black House on Broderick Street, 1967.

 Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, poet/playwright/director/producer/actress, performed in Marvin X's long running docudrama One Day in the Life. Marvin X founded Recovery Theatre and produced his play coast to coast, including at San Francisco's Loraine Hansberry Theatre, Buriel Clay Theatre, Bannam Place Theatre, Visitation Valley, Porterro Hill Neighborhood House and elsewhere. Thousands of addicts in recovery saw this production that became a cult classic that Marvin wrote while in the Glide Church Facts on Crack Recovery Program, under Rev. Cecil Williams.

 Dr. Nathan Hare, sociologist and clinical psychologist is part of the BAM Tour, facilitating the
Mental Wellness Project: How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy. Co-facilitator is Suzzette Celeste Johnson, MPA, MSW. The Mental Wellness project is based on Marvin X's manual How to Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, a 13 Step manual based on the 12 Model of AA. Dr. Nathan Hare wrote the Foreword.

The Black Arts Movement Poet's Choir and Arkestra at University of California, Merced, Feb/Mar 2014, BAM Conference, a Kim McMillan/Marvin X Production
The BAM Poet's Choir and Arkestra at the Malcolm X Jazz/Art Festival, Oakland, May 17, 2014

Marvin X and BAM Band leader, musician/philosopher Sun Ra. Sun Ra and his Myth-Science Arkestra arranged the musical version of Flowers for the Trashman, retitled Take Care of Business. Performance at the Harding Theatre was five hours without intermission, 1972. They are standing outside Marvin's Black Educational Theatre on O'ferral between Fillmore and Webster. Both were teaching at UC Berkeley during this time until the reactionary academics purged the entire radical faculty in Black Studies.

Earle Davis was a member of Marvin X's Black Arts West Theatre, Fillmore, 1966,

Marvin X, Dr. Julia Hare, Dr. Nathan Hare and Attorney Amira Jackmon, daughter of Marvin X. She was agent for the sale of the Hare's archives organized by Marvin X.

Marvin and the infamous Fillmore Slim on Fillmore Street.
Fillmore gets autographed copy of Marvin's The Wisdom of Plato Negro, Parables/fables

Michael Bennett, YMCA Wellness Director and Marvin X. He vows to help Marvin with physical wellness.

Marvin X and San Francisco's Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi with a copy of Mythology of Pussy and Dick, the most popular piece of writing by Marvin X. Thousands of copies have been published and distributed coast to coast. Young and old fight over the pamphlet as if it's black gold. People steal it from each other or refuse to return it. And it has changed the attitude and behavior of young and old men and women. Marvin has a 400 page version but is not rushing to publish it. He says, "Why should I publish the 400 page version when they can't digest the 18 page pamphlet. Once pass the title, one enters the wonderful world of Marvin X who is a liberator of men and women from patriarchal mythology and domination. Marvin says half the men (and women) are in jail and prison behind pussy and dick issues, simply because they think they own something they don't own. We heard chattel slavery ended some years ago, personal property slavery. Some men don't get it and some women don't get it, hence all the partner violence around the world, among all the religions and ideologies, sects and cults, whether Capitalism or Communism, Socialism.

Marvin X at the Hunters Point/Bayview, YMCA Boot Camp

LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka, Chief architect of the Black Arts Movement

Amiri Baraka and Marvin X enjoyed a 47 year friendship as artistic freedom fighters

Mrs. Amina Baraka and Amiri Baraka

Violinist Tarika Lewis, first female member of the Black Panther Party

Marvin X speaks often on KPOO, founded by Joe Rudolph (RIP)

San Francisco gave Amiri Baraka his 75th Birthday party in the Yoshi's screening room on Fillmore, a Marvin X production. Dancer Raynetta Rayzetta bows before AB, showing honor and respect for our greatest revolutionary writer.

Marvin and Black Panther Party artist and Minister of Culture, Emory Douglas

Dewey Redman was a member of the Black Arts West Theatre musicians, 1966, along with Rafael Donald Garrett, Monte Waters, Earle Davis, Oliver Johnson, BJ, et al. They accompanied the plays of Marvin X, Ed Bullins and Amiri Baraka.

Black Arts Movement baby Joshua Redman

Danny Glover performed at Marvin's Black Arts West Theatre, 1966

 Judy Juanita, novelist, BAM/Black Power activist
 Long time San Francisco theatre director, John Henry Doyle (RIP). He produced and directed the plays Ed Bullins and Marvin X

 BAM divas Tureada Mikell, Mechelle LaChaux, Dr. Ayodele Nzinga, violinist Tarika Lewis
photo Gene Hazzard

Marvin X and daughter Nefertiti
Daughter told dad to pass the baton!

Dr. Cornel West, Samantha Akwei, Marvin X
Dr. West supports the BAM 27 City Tour
photo Adam Turner
 Left to Right: Paul Cobb, Dr. Leslee Stradford, curator of BAM/Post News Exhibit of San Quentin Art; Rt. Col. Conway Jones, Jr., Chief Adviser to Marvin X; BAM producer Marvin X, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, holding Naima Joy, granddaughter of Marvin X; his grandson Jah Amiel, Laney College President Elnora T. Webb, Dr. Nathan Hare, President of the Oakland City Council, Lynette McElhaney

Michael Bennett's Wellness Team from Hunters Point/Bayview, San Francisco, facilitated the Physical Wellness Boot Camp, trainer was Lynn Cole.

We call upon the following San Francisco friends and supporters to help the BAM San Francisco Tour:
San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi
London Breed, President, San Francisco Board of Supervisors
Malia Cohen, Supervisor, Bayview/HP
Willie Brown, former Mayor of SF
Harlan Kelly, Jr.
Charlie Walker
Ken Johnson
Terry Collins
Arnold Townsend
Dr. Ken Montiero
Dr. Dorothy Tsuruta
Sheena Johnson
Will and Maxine Ussery
Rev. Cecil Williams
Janice Mirikitani
Amelia Ashley-Ward
George Smith
Geoffery Grier
Michael Bennett
Dr. Rose
San Francisco Theatre Festival
SF Grants for the Arts
SF Arts Commission
Hotel Tax Fund
San Francisco Foundation
San Francisco State University
San Francisco City College
YMCA, San Francisco
KPOO Radio
devorah major
Eugene and Lynette White

Contact Marvin X at 510-200-4164

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