Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Sometimes I Wonder by Samantha Akwei

Sometimes I wonder
How long of a life it will take
To embrace the fullness of it
To fully take a breath away and take it back
To walk humbly nowhere

After all
Nice people finish last

Sometimes I wonder
How it feels to hold a gun
People must feel like they're competing with God
Having the power to dust away life
Like look God
What you created wasn’t worth it
The life you brought
Couldn’t stand to make it
Let me do your job for you

Let me

Sometimes I wonder
Why he never called back
After I told myself that lies were overrated
And that I would try to fall in love with truth first

Being honest alone
Is lonely

Sometimes I wonder
Which is better the facade
Or the silence
Of not wanting to teach
To let things be
To let them come at their own time

Sometimes I wonder
Whether it’s really my job
If I did nothing
Would everything still work out?

Or is it even working?
 at all. 


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