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Poems from the wild crazy ride called the Marvin X Experience




Marvin X and Sun Ra, Master Musician and Philosopher of the Black Arts Movement. Sun Ra arranged the music for Marvin's drama Flowers for the Trashman, retitled Take Care of Business. Marvin produced a five hour concert without intermission with Sun Ra's Arkestra, along with a  cast of fifty people, including the cast of TCB and  the dancers of choreographers Raymond Sawyer and Ellendar Barnes at the the Hardiing Theatre on Divisadero, San Francisco, 1972. Also,  Marvin X and Sun Ra taught in Black Studies at the University of California, Berkeley until the entire faculty was purged for being too radical for white supremacy academia. 



I am John Coltrane
not with horn
but pen
beyond words to silence
not sound
words sacred
profane obscene
no proper politically correct
beyond bourgeoisie culture police
revolutionary puritans
who say
don't say nigguh but kill nigguhs at every turn
turn holy in prison doing push ups after killing all nigguhs in the hood
don't say motherfucker
but fuck their mothers, daughters, sons and anything else under the sun
but don't say motherfucker
don't say bitch
while they are the real bitch in disguise of mother Theresa

Fuck the King's English
the king and his mama
I am Freedom in discipline
all words in context
No political correctness
Sun Ra taught somebody else's idea of somebody else's world
not my idea
Sonny said I am not holy man
ain't crucifying me
that's for Jesus, Osiris, Malcolm, Martin, Medgar
My words shall crucify you
hang you on the cross and lynching tree of truth
people want low down dirty truth
Sonny taught me
no holy ghost truth
miller lite truth
watered down diluted polluted
pasteurized homogenized truth
Don't think nice of me
no politician here
vote for me I'll set you free here truth
hate me
more people love me
common people with common sense
no academic negores holy ghost negroes
common people with common sense
don't read book by cover common sense people
seeking truth and relief from suffering
light for children slipping in darkness
somebody help me
I am shaman truth
between darkness and light
before dawn truth
working my twist while wicked sleep
your world is not my world
and my world is not your world
to you your way and to me mine
lakum dinu kum waliya din.

Catch me in my hour of madness
did you invite me to your gladness
don't want your sadness
Sonny taught me this
holy rats
bourgeoisie swine
nigguh please!
get up outta here wit dat!
Square nigguhs will get ya killed
hustler podna's taught me that
I walk alone
Men of fear
cannot walk this road
I walk alone
men who snitch
who snibble
who take evidence to pharaoh
cannot walk this road
I walk alone
john coltrane
john coltrane
a love supreme
a love supreme
space is the place
space is the place.

Muhammad said live like you here for eternity
and live like death is tomorrow at dawn
why are you breathing
what reason what purpose
what program
Huey Newton asked me in our first meeting
what is your program, Jackmon?

I am John Coltrane
writing is fighting
writing is fighting
A love supreme
A love supreme

You can't touch this
beyond the beyond
beyond words
politics money sex
vote for me
I'll set you free truth
see the stars. moon. sun.
I am blue man
blue trane.

Trane moving on
catch me if you can
my intensity consumes you
get out da kitchen
I am terror in the night
the dream the prayer of ancestors
for every hurtful thing
I speak and sing songs of the lion king
nothing holy nothing nice
catch me if you can
see my mask
the mask you fear
in your bones and blood
I am the wind
a pleasure to my people
I am the sun
A pleasure to my people
common sense people
beyond edumakion from the devil people
simple minded shit
where was he ten trillion years ago
Space is the place
Space is the place.
A love supreme
A love supreme.
--Marvin X

Christian Terrorists

Ever heard of WWI, WWII, WWIII, yeah, the eternal war on terrorism good for business as usual
Ask Africans was the Good Ship Jesus a nice ride to Mississippi,
Jamaica, Brazil, Cuba
How did Mali music turn into Blues in the Mississippi Delta
Ever heard of the Cross & Lynching Tree
Billi called it Strange Fruit nothin' to eat
Native Americans just love the teachings of Jesus
the small pox syphilis alcoholism wife beating
oh how we love Jesus in the concentration camps
called reservations
Now wasn't Hitler a Christian pure Christian 100%
Wasn't the KKK Christian burning crosses in the name of Jesus
the Blue eyed blond hanging on the cross looking like a hippie
How did blue eyed blonds get to Palestine, Jerusalem
was it on the Ra boat did they come from the river Hapi
Christians sliced Africa at the Berlin Conference
just split the pie Germany took a piece, France, England
Holland, Spain, took Arabia too, Egypt, Iran
did they practice human rights
administer justice kind to women
europeans cry bout Muuuuuuuuuuslims in their midst
how long did they stay in Muuuuuuuuuuuuuslim lands
did they treat Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuslims with tender loving kindness
did they not hang them, beat them, cut off arms legs lips hands
these Christian saviors of the savages saved them from nakedness
saved them from no heart attacks no high blood pressure no AIDS no Ebola
Do they not have 800 Christian army bases around the world today
occupying lands for the rights of corporations who are people too we heard the court say
corporations are people who murder in the name of Jesus rob in the name of Jesus exploit
plunder pollute like Shell in Nigeria India Peru
steal the forests for IKEDA furniture you want
Gold  and diamond mines so Negroes can have bling bling
extract African minerals so Negroes can talk on cell phones
Where you at, where you at, where you at
Is you outside Jesus you ain't back yet
been two thousand years
where you at, where you at, where you at.
Is you ISIS they look like Jesus
Is you Taliban they look like Jesus
Is you Hamas, Hezbollah, they look more like Jesus than Jesus we know
Is Al Quida Jesus
Who is Al Quida anyway
Ain't Al Quida America
Ain't Al Quida who America helped in Afghanistan then left them naked after the Russians ran home
Ain't the Bin Laden family and the Bush family lovers and friends
Bin Laden family flew out of American when nobody else could fly, remember 9/11
Baldwin said these people ain't Christians
your condition proves it
yes, Baldwin said
your condition proves it.
Where you at Jesus with your pretty blond hair pretty blue eyes
drone in the sky
poison water air food poison men women and children
Where you at, where you at, where you at
Oh, you love Native Americans so much
Your good Christian police love Negroes so much, ok they love Africans so
Ask Diallo how much they love Africans or did they think he was a Negro
we all look alike don't we
What's the difference between a Negro and African they both Black ain't they
You made them Christian didn't you
you gave them both the Cross and Lynching Tree
Messed up their minds for the next four hundred years
Dumping bleaching cream by the tons on Africa
Bleaching still in America, look at Sammy Sousa
Remember poor Michael
My grandson said he wanna be white like Michael Jackson
So why you good loving Christians crying bout Muuuuuuuuuuslims in your midst
didn't you make them devils like you
didn't they go to your good Christian colonial schools
didn't they study the Bible while you stole the land
little bait and switch here uh
Oh, now you morn in Europe
Muuuuuuuuuuuslim terrorists Muuuuuuuuuslim terrorists
all Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuslims are terrorists
All Christians are what good guys in white hats
Onward Christian soldiers kill the infidels heathens
drive them from Europe and America like Spain did in 1492
Put them on the Good Ship Muuuuuuuhammad
America is a Christian land Europe is good Christian land
let the world be a good Christian land let Jesus return in a space ship
to save us all, save us all.
where you at, where you at, where you at
--Marvin X

The Negro Knows Everything

The Negro knows everything, don't tell him nothing
Cause he knows everything
History of the atom
Construction of the pyramids
Exact location of Bin Laden
How to grow marijuana with air
Einstein's teacher
The Negro
He knew the world was round trillions of years before the white man
He was with God in the beginning
He knows how to be a loyal slave like no other
His drugs are holistic
He doesn't need treatment, but more drugs
What would a Negro be without drugs, his morning wake up
Start the day right
Ask him which way is east or west
He'll have a nervous breakdown
Wanna fight
Insulting his intelligence
But he knows everything
Does he have an exit plan
Just in case America falls and FEMA is closed?
Does he have water, food, guns?
Of course he does
Think the Negro is stupid
He knows everything
Don't tell him nothing
Leave him alone
He's dangerous to your healthâ?¦..
say peace when you see him.
On her dying bed, my Moma said,
"Marvin, leave them nigguhs aloneâ?¦.."
but I love dem nigguhs, Mama
Mama, I love dem sick crazy
hog eatin liquor drinkin
jesus lovin white man creation
Mama, I can't stay way from dem nigguhs
dem all nite party get down funky
ugly lookin wig wearin weave headed dreg locked dead locked nigguhs
Dem black african bilalian afro pan centric endemic nigguhs
anti freedom fightin job loving hate doing for self scared fearful
fearless when fightin for the white man
killling each other beatin they wife ass but never touch the white man
cowardly nigguhs
Mama but I
Please, Mama can I
I love
Mama dem nigguhs
And Mama died........
and I love dem nigguhs................
and Mama died and I love dem nigguhs
and Mama died and I love dem nigguhs
and Mama died
and I love dem nigguhs.


Little African Woman

Little African woman
full of wisdom speak
strength of your silence
calls me like the Sirens
silence calms by soul
whisper your love energy
send it my way if you can
I will flow wit da flow
listening to you
screaming silence in my ears
calm down
the deal is done
no rats can bite this cheese
ancestors have this day in the sun
I listen to you
your soft words are the sea
the tide is in and we are happy.
--Marvin X

I am American
no citizen of the United States
gave that up years ago
in Toronto
protesting US in Vietnam
exiled in Canada
underground to Chicago, Harlem
crucified at Fresno State University
same time Angela Davis was on the cross at UCLA, 1969

I am American
exiled a second time in Mexico City
with all the exiled Americans from the Americas
from Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Columbia, Guatemala, El Salvador, Brazil
they call me Pele Pele Pele on the streets of Mexico City
want to touch my hair for good luck

I am American
in Mexico City founded by Africans
now exiled by president for life regimes
we are young men of resistance
and women too, my wife is with me
young men
put aboard planes that landed in Chapultepec Park
cerca de Paseo de Reforma
my wife and I live near the Metro by the park
we see the lovers in the park on Sundays
and we are in love
she is pregnant with our daughter Nefertiti
I am American
I cannot speak with my brothers in exile
Jorge from Choco, Columbia
Enrique from Venezuela
I speak Spanish pochito
muy pochito
no Portuguese
I can only say Poder Negro to my revolutionary amigos.
They comprende
I give them the black power salute
I am American
I flee Mexico City for Belize
I pass through Yucatan, Vera Cruz, Merida, Chetumal
the land of Yanga el Africano Mexicano
Yanga was so bad the Spanish gave him a town
San Lorenzo de los Negroes
down in Vera Cruz
I flee against the advice of my Elizabeth Catlett Mora
my elder revolutionary artist
she begged me not to go
those negroes are in raw colonialism
not neo-colonialism she said
I am American
young and hard headed
easy to lead in the wrong direction
hard to lead in the right direction
I am American

I want to hear English
tired of Spanish
basta ya!
I want to see los Negroes
in Belize
esclavos pero Negroes
yo esclavos tambien
I am American

This is my land the Americas
all of it
I was here before Columbus
Before Maya Aztec Incas Olmec
I was here
I came by canoe from Ghana, Mali, Songhay
from the land of Sonni Ali, Askia the Great
the bling bling of Mansa Musa
a thousand camels with gold on his haj to Mecca

I am American
in Belize los Negroes speak English
pero muy rapido pero English
Espanol tambien
I am American
Norte Americano Africano
Simon Bolivar Americano
Simon Simon Simon

I am American
North Central South American
Caribbean American
I am American
from Toronto, Montreal
to Georgetown, Caracas

Slums of Mexico City are mine
shacks of Belize are mine
madness of Kingston are mine
cocaine of Port of Spain are mine
yes, Trinidad
land of C. Eric Williams
victim of Capitalism and Slavery
Guyana is mine
I interviewed PM Burnham at his residence
Africans with AK47s at his gate
the genocide of Jonestown
assassination of Dr. Walter Rodney
how can we forgive the reactionaries
who never turn into Buddha heads
who never put down their butcher knives

I am American
in Belize I join the revolution of Evan X and Shabazz
on trial for sedition
the government is games old people play
this is sedition
I covered the trial for Muhammad Speaks
this was my sin
a 1970 Wikileaks
exposing the emperor has no clothes
the people have no clothes
no water no electricity no toilet
no nothing
brothers want to know why I left American with no gold
they want to go to American to get the gold
why did I leave without the gold
good question

I am American
the people are rich in Belize
joy and peace, sun and land
gardens of paradise
islands in the sun
I love on Gales Point
a little shack with no water no electricity no bathroom
but I am happy
my wife is pregnant and happy
except for the sand flies
mosquitoes who love her blood
we bathe in the river
the out house is on the other side of the island
the catfish collect the waste
people do not swim on that side of the island

I am American
the people beg me to teach black power
I do not check in with the village headman

a drunk man sings outside my house
day comin ta git ya in da mornin
been down here teachin dat black power
day comin to get ya in da mornin, boy

my wife and I laugh
wish dat drunk nigguh git way from our door
but they come to get me in the morning

I am American
When I get on the boat into the city
five hour ride through the jungle
police on boat
I am under arrest
but don't know it
police undercover
don't say nothing to me
when we get to the city
he don't say nothing
police come to my friends house
call me out
I grab rifle
but put it down
a mulatto greets me outside
I am under arrest
take me to Ministry of Home Affairs
Minister reads my deportation order
Your presence is not beneficial to the welfare of the British Colony of Honduras
therefore you shall be deported to the United States on the next plane to Miami
leaving at 4pm.
Until then you are under arrest.
Mulatto takes me to police station
I am told to sit down. No cell, no handcuffs.
Soon the police gather around me
I am in the middle of a circle of police
I do not know what's up.
Soon they say, broder man, teach us about black power!
I am American

victim of the slave system
police victims too
teach us broder man.
I say
Marcus Garvey came here in 1923
told you to get the Queen of English off yo walls.
It's 1970 and you still got that white bitch on yo walls.
Get that bitch off yo walls!
police crack up
they say you all ite broder man
They point out uncle tom police
they say he black man wit white heart
black man wit white heart!
I am American

Plane came for me on time. Mulatto pushed me onto the plane. I refused to leave without my wife. The plane door slammed. Fly south to Tegucigalpa, Spanish Honduras.
I ask for asylum . Espera un momento, Negro!
I am marched back onto the plane.
We land in Miami. Two gentlemen greet me at the airport. Escort me to my hotel suite at Dade County Jail. I am put into a pit with dead, deaf dumb and blind negroes.
I call them brother.
They say we ain't yo brother, nigguh. I am silent.
After a few days the gentlemen come to transfer me to Miami City jail, the Federal facility.
White Cuban drug dealers greet me. What do you want, my brother, they say.
You need money, food? We send out for food to the restaurant, what do you want.
I am American
I want hamburger, fries and milkshake!
No problema, hermano!
They give me money to call my wife.
She is home in America.
I am American
Cubans say again, whatever you need just let us know.
I am American
like Simon Bolivar
like Che
like Fidel
like Nat Turner
Grabriel Prosser
Harriet Tubman
Like Garvey
CLR James
I am American.
--Marvin X

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