Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Marvin X on Malcolm X

Assassinations happen in all revolutions, betrayal is part of revolution, grow up, study revolution, friends betray each other, long time associates, look at Fidel and Che, Stalin and his friends. Even Noble Drew Ali had problems with friends, jealous, envious. Elijah ran for seven years from the jealous ones who said they would eat a grain of rice a day until Elijah was killed after he was appointed leader by Master Fard Muhammad. Check out the Mexican revolution, a history of betrayal. Check out the African revolution. Palestinians kill each other, then hug and pray together in the mosque. Negroes will hate you forever over two cents, don't hate the white man, love his dirty drawers.--Marvin X

 Aside from the Autobiography of Malcolm X, Marvin X's Fly to Allah, poems, 1968, is the foundation of the genre known as Muslim American literature, according to Dr. Mohja Kahf.The teachings of Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X are the ideological roots of the Black Arts Movement, the most radical artistic and literary movement in American history.
photo Doug Harris, Harlem NY 1968

Two men  influenced my life greatly.  One can say I am that I am because of these two men, of which there are no divisions in my heart, I love them both deeply, always have and always shall. Shit happens in revolutions, friends become enemies, enemies become friends, there are no permanent friends, only permanent interests.
If you were a gambler (and I am not) but if you had to bet on a certain relationship that was successful for 12 years, but when divided, one individual didn't live 12 months, would we not say the twelve years of stability speaks for itself, no matter how rocky it may have been.
On a deeper level, jealousy and envy kill from within, thus it was almost inevitable that Malcolm's prominence would be challenged by senior officials jockeying for power, authority and influence.
His personal relationship with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was enough to make even the simple minded jealous. Let us remember the classic master teacher relationship between Rumi and Shams of Tabriz. Rumi was murdered by his jealous students, jealous of his relationship with Master Teacher Shams, thus the Sufi whirl and whirl into the states of divinity in morning of their teacher, Rumi.
And so I morn both my teachers, Elijah and Malcolm, love them both no matter what happened between them. Shit happens in revolution, get over it and move on to higher ground! 
No one can say they loved Malcolm X more than I. No one can say they loved Elijah Muhammad more than I.
--Marvin X

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