Monday, February 2, 2015

The Radical Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Building Bridges Special
Mimi Rosenberg & Ken Nash
Mon., February 2, 2015, 7 pm – 10 pm, over 99.5 FM
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Because We Can’t Wait! 
The Radical King, The Prophetic King, In His Own Voice
on the Triple Evils of Capitalism, Militarism & Racism
& Fighting For Change  featuringrare audio from militant workers rallies, by one the
world’s greatest orators and from two of the finest
documentaries ever made: At The River I Stand and
King: From Montgomery to Memphis**********************
Because we can’t wait any longer to respond collectively to institutional
discrimination and bigotry, economic inequality, and militarism we can learn
from and be inspired by the radical King.  Because we must turn our moments
of outrage into building the sustained  movements for change that go to the
heart of the policies and the practices that treat many as beasts of burden
upon which the few are carried, we can learn from the radical King.  The radical
King’s voice is prophetic, echoing through the years providing insights into what
drives people to organize and then what sustains groups of people in motion and
can connect the different interest efforts and geographical locales.    Listen to the
radical King on the need to build organizations that are there for the long haul, to
weather the storms of resistance against the demands of we the people.  Listen
to the radical King, who immersed himself in and was informed by the needs and
yearnings  of the downtrodden.  Listen to the radical King who embedded himself
in the burgeoning movements of the people for human rights, for equal rights,
against poverty and for jobs with dignity and a living wage and who then pushed
them to carve away at the enormous wealth disparities that exist in America and
the scourge of US militarism, as it killed and plundered and perverted the soul of
America.  Oh yes, listen to the radical King, in rare audio recordings, and clips
from several of the best documentaries ever made that capture the man, the
campaigns, from Montgomery to Memphis to obtain human rights and which
were to merge the necessity of the impoverished and disenfranchised, of the
working class for economic power. “What good does it do to eat at a lunch
counter if you can’t buy a hamburger” said King.  

In Memphis King joined with the working class struggle, in progress, for dignity,
“I Am A Man,” for better wages and working conditions and the right for the
workers to collectivize their strength against capital by unionizing. King helped
build movements, bringing to them his personal sacrifice and perseverance,
along with his strategic analysis of the state’s maintenance of a class system
and racist ideology to support it, to feed the power and control of the plutocracy. 
King brought a strategic understanding of capitalism, along with a Gandhian
tactic to communities that were in motion.  King merged his interests with
people in struggle and was in turn shaped by those efforts for human, civil,
political and economic rights. 

Tune in and join us as we listen to and learn from King, who became one of the
world’s most meaningful voices and whose words echo beyond the boundaries
of time. Listen with us to the rare sound we’ve complied of  King and be inspired. 
Listen to King from the frontlines - which will stir you to recommit to achieve
human rights, economic justice and an end to military might.  King’s words and
actions can help guide us through the challenges ahead.
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