Sunday, February 22, 2015

Marvin X, the Human Earthquake, caused an 8.9 in the BAY at aproximately 9am ish, this Sunday at True Vine Ministries, meeting at Mclymonds High School in West Oakland

African Heritage Month commemoration with Marvin X, Corey Page, Ken McCollum, True Vine praise dancers and choir featuring Dale Anthony and Quinton Cooper & the band (Tommy Bradford, deLuca, Doug, Sandra & Cam)
— at True Vine Ministries.

Marvin X, the human earthquake went 8.9 on the Ricter scale at True Vine Ministries this Sunday, 9am. Invited by Oakland City Council President, Lynette McElhaney, her assistant Brigitt Cook said after Marvin X's sermon on Revolution, "I had no idea, but he was far beyond my imagination." 

During his talk, the poet said he had no idea he was going to preach rather than read poetry. The Holy Ghost took over so what could I do except go along for the ride? He told the young men forget hands up, it's pants up! You call yourselves pimping while staying at yo mama's house riding a bicycle. Our women need you but you are unacceptable with pants off your behinds. Where are our women going to find husbands. Women have B.A.s, M.A.s, PhDs, and you doing twenty-five to life. Some women have no choice except turning to you for husbands but it's pitiful.
Talk about Black History? Oscar Grant died on New Year's Day. Do you realize New Year's Day was the worst day in the history of our people? It was the day of the slave auction, when mothers were separated from children, husbands, and we still celebrate New Year's Day. It should be a day of prayer and a day to ask our ancestors to forgive us for giving up the struggle for liberation, a day we vow to never give up until freedom is won. The poet ended with his classic poem For the Women, especially since an earlier poet had said a poem that asked what will it take to make the Black woman smile? We think Marvin X made the women in the congregation smile!
Marvin X speaks tonight on Houston's Pacifica Radio station, 8:30pm CT, 6:30 PT. Tune in on the Wild Crazy Ride called the Marvin X Experience.

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