Thursday, June 18, 2015

In the Name of Jesus: White man kills nine Blacks at AME Church, Charleston, South Carolina

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    This devil prayed for an hour with the victims, then killed them.

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Update 11:46 pm:  Police are saying that the mass shooting in South Carolina has led to multiple fatalities.  Witnesses are also reporting that the bodies have not been identified.   The mayor and police chief of Charleston, SC are expected to hold press conferences soon to clear up information for the public. 

Corey Wessenger, standing near the church at the time of the incident, says that there are officers all over the area.

“I just saw a group of about 40 people escorted by cops,” Wessenger told CNN by phone.
USA Today is reporting that police are investigating a shooting that has led to multiple fatalities in the Charleston, South Carolina area.  According to social media sources, there have been multiple deaths in the shooting, but this information has yet to be confirmed with law enforcement.
South Carolina Rep. Peter McCoy tweeted that nine people died in the shooting, which occurred at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church.  The church is the oldest AME church in the South and is led by South Carolina State Sen. Clementa Pinckney.   It is also one of the oldest and largest black congregations in the city of Baltimore.

One of the founders of the church was Denmark Vessey, who was executed for attempting a slave revolt.  According to Twitter statements by Charleston Police, the shooting took place at 9 pm EST.   The gunman is currently on the loose as well.   He is believed to be a white male, about 21 years old, wearing a gray sweatshirt or hoodie with jeans.

BBP Editor: When artistic freedom fighter, author, Marvin X, was on a book tour in South Carolina, his hosts told him to say nothing about white supremacy while visiting Gullahland.

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