Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Marvin X meets his muse in Sacramento, Superwoman Fahizah Alim

 Marvin X and Muse Fahizah Alim

While attending the Sacramento Black Book Fair, Marvin X was blessed to have dinner with his longtime friend, student and muse, Fahizah Alim, editor emeritus at the Sacramento Bee. The two had dinner along with two current students of Mr. X, Aries Jordan and Prosperity Carter. Fahizah gave us a rare reading of her poetry, astounding Marvin and the budding writers. She gave many words of wisdom to the young women, including her analysis of the political personalities she's encountered in Sacramento. Gov. Jerry Brown recently appointed her Communications Director of a State Civil Rights Agency.

Prosperity Carter, Marvin X, Aries Jordan

Aside from reading their original poetry, Prosperity and Aries performed parables from Marvin's collection The Wisdom of Plato Negro, parables and fables, Black Bird Press, Berkeley CA. Aries did a dramatic reading of Parable of Woman on the Cell Phone, Prosperity choreographed his Parable of Woman in the Box. 

The Wild Crazy Ride Called the Marvin X Experience will participate in Juneteenth Festivals in San Francisco, Berkeley, Oakland and possibly Fresno. 

Letter to Marvin X from the Sacramento Black Book Fair

  Thank you for coming to the Second Annual Sacramento Black Book Fair.  You were the fire.  It was delightful meeting you, seeing you, and hearing you in action.  You have quite a fan contingent in Sacramento.... But you were a great presence.  I"m so glad you came, and again, thank you.
    Dave Covin

Marvin X is available for readings/speaking engagements coast to coast. Call 510-200-4164. Send letter of invitation to jmarvinx@yahoo.com

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