Thursday, June 11, 2015

Ornette Coleman joins Ancestors, Marvin X Elegy for Ornette Coleman


It's with great sadness that I report
the death of my dear friend and one
of the great master musicians of the ages
Ornette Coleman.

Ornette's approach to music was so radical
that it caused other master musicians at
the height of their creative powers to
step back and entirely reassess their own

As an instrumentalist (particularly on
the alto sax), a composer, a band leader,
an educator, and a philosopher of music and
life he was peerless.

To meet him and spend any time at all
with him and be receptive to the experience
was to have your life changed for the good.

He was a thoroughly decent and kind
human being who cared as passionately about
others finding their voices as he fiercely
defended his right to explore and develop
his own.

By coincidence we screened tonight's video

In case you missed it - or even if you did
see it - this is one of the best film
documentations of Ornette the musician and
human being available.

- Ken McCarthy

- Lester Perkins
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