Saturday, June 27, 2015

Marvin X calls for all Men to March who love ho's and multiple wives

Marvin X is calling upon all real men to stand up and organize themselves for the right to have as many wives as they please and unlimited ho's (sex workers). If John can marry John, Mary can marry Mary, I see no reason Billy cannot have as many wives as he pleases and unlimited ho's (sex workers). We should begin with a march to let the world know our nuts are out of the sand! If you support this project, hit me back ASAP with your comment. Haters and masculine feminists need not reply.

Maestro Marvin X with his Black Arts Movement Poets Choir & Arkestra; David Murray on sax, Earl Davis on trumpet; Malcolm X Jazz/Art Festival, Oakland, May 17, 2014

After da nut, then what?
Marvin X


Poets from his fatherland, Kentucky, visit Academy of da Corner, 14th and Broadway, downtown Oakland

If you love you
I love you
don’t make me love you
if you don’t love you
it’s yo thang
do what ya wanna do
just be true to you
to you yo life
to me mine
lakum dinu kum wa liya din.
no time to hate ya
let me live my life
don’t block me
me no block you
life is a micro second in time
moments precious
no time to hate
a waste
enjoy yourself
don’t worry bout billy and billy
sally and sally
enjoy yourself
organize yourself
like billy and billy and sally and sally
After da nut then what
satisfied bewildered overwhelmed 
smile to frown 
a moment lost in the wind
The white boy told us
don’t live your life
like a candle in the wind.
Let people be happy
find your bliss
does it involve anyone else
except a friend who comes in love
love da one ya wit
praise them for loving you
let the other people be happy
don’t rain hate
do you know their story pain trauma
let them be
they smile
do you smile in your lover’s eyes
are you thankful and thoughtful
like Sly Stone
It’s a family affair
let lovers love
ease the pain express joy
the mystery of it all
a momentary thing
but standing tall in the night
be thankful for lovers 
who know love is all there is
who find joy in the night or early morn
sing along with them their happiness
can you dance your dance of joy
can you say wow.
After da nut then what
it is the most sacred of things
even among the sex workers
praise those with zest
Oriental touch
happy ending
tip for attitude
thank God he sent them to bless you in the night/early morn
treat them with kindness
God sent them to you
Didn’t Jesus love dem ho’s
they washed his feet
who touched the hem of his garment?
After da nut then what
in all your joy look for  spirit person
dwelling in the higher self
a  tuning fork
steel sharpens steel
water finds itself
drink from the well of love
nothing else
goin on
up in here.
—Marvin X

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