Tuesday, February 9, 2016

BAMBD calls for volunteers

Dear Community:

If you have time to volunteer with the Black Arts Movement Business District, please connect with BAMBD organizer Marvin X: 510-200-4164; email: jmarvinx@yahoo.com. If you need more information, check out the archives of the Oakland Post News Group.org and/or www.blackbirdpressnews.blogspot.com.

We need people with skills in high tech, marketing, communication, advertising, promotion, producing, editing, sales, fund raising, strategic planning, grant writing, finance, vending, archiving, etc. We're also looking for poets, actors, spoken word artists, musicians, visual artists, architects, builders, etc.

If you have any of the above skills and wish to volunteer your time, please send your resume to: jmarvinx@yahoo.com. We will connect with you ASAP.

FYI, the BAMBD is a do for self project. We want to be economically independent at the earliest possible date, not reliant upon government and/or corporate funding. Due to bureaucratic delays and unreliable budgets, we can’t expect government agencies to deliver all our needs. We must organize ourselves and help ourselves. We realize time is of the essence as land and properties in the BAMBD area are rapidly becoming in short supply and yet with every passing minute vital resources such as jobs, housing, performance space, business space is fading into the sunset, not only in the BAMBD but throughout the City.

 Marvin X and Mayor Libby Schaaf. We appreciate the Mayor, but we must do for self! photo 
Troy Williams, Post News Group
City officials seem caught up in the bureaucratic process and will be hard pressed to deliver the people's needs, although they are responding with abundant resources for developers and those entering the City to gentrify neighborhoods, which means that we should work closely with the newly formed Department of Race and Equity. 

Those who want to see the BAMBD as a thriving cultural and business district must give generously of their talent, time and resources. The time is now!

Left to right: Poet Aries Jordan, Gerry Garzon, Director, Oakland Public Library, BAMBD Planner, Marvin X; Mr. Garzon's assistant, Post News Group Publisher, Paul Cobb, BAMBD Media Specialist, Adam Turner

On the positive, today the BAMBD planners met with Gerry Garzon, Director of the Oakland Public Library. We established a partnership that will allow us to make use of library facilities, establish permanent exhibits, digitize BAMBD archives,discuss acquisition of said archives by the OPL and make the African American Museum/Library more accessible to the public.  

Marvin X,
BAMBD Planner 

Council President Lynette McElhaney, Marvin X, Duane Deterville; Middle row: Gerry Garzon (Oakland Public Library), Tureeda Mikell, Jaenal Peterson, Aries Jordan, David McKelvey, Eric Murphy (Joyce Gordon Gallery); Back row: Eric Arnold, Kwesi Wilkerson, Charles Johnson, Alicia Parker (Oakland Planning Department), Shomari Carter (Supervisor Keith Carson's Office). Far right: Elder Paul Cobb, Publisher, Oakland Post News Group. 

Black artists gather at Frank Ogawa/Oscar Grant Plaza in front of Oakland City Hall, prior to full City Council vote that established the Black Arts Movement Business District, January 19, 2016. Front: Khalid Waajid; Amir Aziz, Duane Deterville, Judy Juanita, Eric Arnold, Tureada Mikell, Marvin X, Tarika Lewis, DeMar-con Gipson, Blystk Kmba, Crsna Cox, Jaenal Peterson, Jahaninh Omi Bahari, Janeah Taylor, Yancie Taylor, Tracy Mitchell, Ron Linzie, Dennis X, Wanda Ravernell
photo Adam Turner

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