Monday, February 29, 2016


In conversation with BAMBD team members Aries Jordan, Adam Turner and Marvin X, Dorothy King, owner of Everett and Jones Restaurant in Jack London Square, agreed to be listed as part of the BAMBD. BAMBD co-planner Paul Cobb suggested putting all North American African businesses in the vicinity of 14th Street corridor in the district. Everett and Jones is located at 2nd and Broadway. Ironically, Dorothy's business is in Jack London Square, a "Black District" since Jack London's mother was Black. According to Paul Cobb's Oakland Post Newspaper, "Jennie Prentiss was a Black woman who saved Jack London’s life at birth, breast-fed him, gave him the name Jack (which was originally John); lent Jack money when he was broke and helped him become the first American author to make a million dollars.

Jack London - Author, Journalist -
 Jack London

He never forgot his Black roots or his original Black investor who bankrolled his career. He lived in Jennie Prentiss’s house and attended the First African Methodist Episcopal Church at 15th and Market Streets with her as his “mother.” The church is part of the BAMBD.

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Everett and Jones provided some of the wonderful food served at Oakland City Hall's Black History Celebration, February 24, 2016. On a visit to Everett and Jones, Marvin X was approached by Dorothy to write her biography. Marvin introduced her to his student Aries Jordan, author and Communications Director of the BAMBD. "Dorothy, I helped Aries publish her book. I'm ready when you are."

Everett & Jones Barbeque - Oakland, CA, United States. Michelle's Husband eats at Everett and Jones.

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