Monday, February 15, 2016

Tuesday, Feb 16, Marvin X Day in the Bay

Tuesday, Feb. 16, Catch the indefatigable, peripatetic poet on KQED TV, Channel 9, 9PM: Stanley Nelson's The Black Panthers, Vanguard of the Revolution. Excellent documentary on the Black Panther Party on its 50th Anniversary.

 Marvin X interviewed by WURD Talk Radio, Philadelphia, at Black Power Babies Conversation,
produced by Muhammida El Muhajir.
<b>KPOO</b> “On the Spot” host Harrison Chastang (harrison@<b>kpoo</b>.com ...

Terry Collins and Willie Ratcliff, the OGs of <b>KPOO</b> and the Bay View ...
Terry Collins, GM of KPOO Radio SF

February 16, Tuesday, 11PM, KPOO Radio, 89.5FM, The Spirit of Joe Rudolph show rebroadcasts Sistah Q's interview of Marvin X on Harambee Radio.
Thursday, Feb. 18, Eastbay Express Newspaper feature story on the Downtown Oakland Plan, includes interview of Marvin X as co-planner of the Black Arts Movement Business District.

Thursday, Feb. 18, Sistah Q of Harambee Radio continues her conversation with the Black Arts Movement co-founder, 5PM Pacific time, 8PM Eastern Time.

Terry Collins and Willie Ratcliff, the OGs of <b>KPOO</b> and the Bay View ...
Terry Collins, GM of KPOO Radio SF

Harambee Radio's Sistah Q will continue her conversation with the poet on Thursday, February 18, 5pm Pacific Time, 8pm, Eastern Time.
Visit The Harambee Radio & Television Network at:
 For Sistah Q interview:
The call in number is: 805-309-0111
Conference ID number: 840360* [star; not pound]
Moderator number: 754939

Below is the link to Sistah Q's February 11 interview.

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Peace, Brothah Marvin X...

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Looking forward to part 2 on next Thursday 18 February at 8 pm eastern time.

Sistah Q
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