Saturday, February 20, 2016

New Supporters of the Black Arts Movement Business District


FYI, the Black Arts Movement Business District has received pledges of support from the following:

KPOO Radio's Donald Lacy

Donald Lacy, KPOO Radio and Love Life Foundation

Donald told BAMBD planner Marvin X, he stands ready to do whatever is necessary to make the
district a success.

Angela Davis and sister, Fania Davis Jordan | blackfilm.
 Sisters Angela and Fania Davis

Fania E. Davis, Executive Director of Restorative Justice for Oakland Youth
Fania says she will get the youth she works with involved in the BAMBD. Marvin
told Fania, "Please tell Angela we need her support as well."

Margaret Gordon
 Margaret Gordon, West Oakland Environmentalist and Social Justice Activist

Margaret Gordon, God Mother of West Oakland, is ready to do all she can to enable
the BAMBD project to succeed. She pointed out several spaces in West Oakland BAMBD
can use. As per the coal train coming to West Oakland, she was critical of certain ministers
who seem more interested in gold dust than coal dust! Margaret Gordon said the BAMBD request for a one billion dollar trust fund is on point.

Another person said she is ready to donate $1,000.00 as soon as the BAMBD legal papers are in order. She added, "If every Black person donated $5.00, the BAMBD can get off the ground."

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