Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A poem by Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD: Horse Day

horse day

by Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, PhD
thin horsethin horsethin horsethin horse
sun baked day
like all days
just a day
until it is
something more
the horses came
two lean large eyed
looking hungry
prosperity after
hunger after want
after white light
so bright blinded
now we can see
what the hard ground
will yield when we
have more muscle
only as good as the tools
we use he used to say
pride in his dark eyes
leading thin horses
up a rocky hill
our horses
our hill
our chance
a extra hot water
cornbread day like
sunday on tuesday
signs of our right
to be lucky
to continue to struggle
in the storm
to continue performing
the miracle of
our skinny life from the dirt
god sent horses
we will eat only
beans for a month
to pay for them
say hallelujah and
pass the hot water
corn bread pour the last
of the syrup we fall down
to get up always reaching
we go forward no chance
turned to slim chance
we dance thankful
for the promise
in the horses
we will fatten them
planting hope in them
like the seeds we
will plant
in hopes of harvesting
more than ill will
rolling down like
the rain we pray
up in the heat of
0ur deep hunger
in soul to rise like
the sparse shoots
that defy odds to
keep us just alive
enough to want more
two horses
lead by a slender rope
harnessing our future

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