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Save the Date: Next Black Arts Movement Business District Town Hall Meeting, Sunday, June 12, 3-5pm, East Side Arts Alliance

The next Black Arts Movement Business District Town Hall is scheduled for Sunday, June 12/2016, 3-5pm at East Side Arts Alliance.

Ayodele Nzinga, MFA, Ph. D.
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The Lower Bottom Playaz, Inc
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On Sun, May 22, 2016 at 8:32 PM, Black Arts Movement and Business District <> wrote:
Greetings all,
I hope that you are well and we appreciate your attendance at BAMBD town Hall. Below is summary of our time together. Also if you were one of the people Dr. Ayodele said she needs to speak with, reply to email listing with specific skill set and availability to connect via phone or in person over the next two weeks.  At the end of the summary are helpful links to learn more about   B.A.M.B.D. The next Town hall is scheduled 6/12/16  3-6 pm @ East Arts Alliance, 23rd and International Blvd. Please share with your network! Below are next steps before we meet again. 

1) Write a letter of support on behalf of yourself or organizations/collectives in support of Black Arts Business District (down town Oakland  and Black Cultural Zone in east Oakland.
2) Join  Black Arts Movement and Business district facebook group
3)  Write Letter of Support for Community benefits for the development of  14th and Alice parking lot which is  scheduled on the Planning Commission calendar for June 1 (whom to send it to will be coming in the following days)
4) Register your Business to  B.A.O.B.O.B: Bay Area Organization of Black-Owned Businesses
by Aries Jordan
On Friday, May 13, Black artists, cultural workers and business owners gathered at the Eastside Arts Alliance for the Black Art Movement Business District Town Hall Meeting.. The organizations represented included Kiss My Black Arts Collective, Cal Shakespeare, BAOBOB - Bay Area Organization of Black Owned Businesses,Betty Ono Gallery  Lower Bottom Playaz, Joyce Gordon Gallery, Reginas Door, 8 Ft Tall, Support Malonga Coalition, Cat Brooks of Anti Police-Terror Project, 57th Street Collective and Uptown Makers Collective. Also present was various Black Culture workers and Artist. 
The five pillars of B.A.M.B.D were introduced and expanded upon by participants:
Equity for artists
Proliferation and dissemination of intellectual capital
Increased access to services
There was a great deal of excitement about partaking in the building of a community driven Black Cultural Zone and Black Arts Movement Business District. A plethora of ideas were generated under the five pillars to benefit the marginalized ethnic communities and Oakland at large. Community members engaged in productive exchange about what is necessary in building a cultural district and what skills they are willing to contribute.
Several key people have been identified who have the necessary skills to implement the next steps of Black Arts Movement Business District. Community members voiced concern about city officials and individuals making proprietary decisions about the Black Arts Movement District without community input.
Recently, a couple of banners were put up in the heart of the district (14th and Franklin Streets) featuring photos of local Black Artist stating “ I love craft” with no mention of the Black Arts Movement Business District.
In prior meetings the Red, Black and Green flag was requested as the primary banner along with arts and craft vendors in the corridor to inspire entrepreneurship.Other concerns were projects and developments approved prior to the establishment of district that does not incorporate community benefits.
One project in the BAMBD is the parking lot at 14th and Alice. According to Eric Arnold, "The lot on 14th and Alice has been scheduled on the Planning Commission calendar for June 1, and requested letters of support for community benefits, BAMBD, and the Malonga Center to be submitted to the Commission prior to the meeting. There was a community meeting about this project a few months ago (which was covered in the East Bay Express --- the article is here…/plans-unveiled-for-384-new-…
The town hall concluded with participants pledging to synthesize efforts to fight displacement and write letters of support for the Black Arts Movement District. Letters of support can be sent to The next BAMBD Town Hall Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, June 12, at Eastside Alliance 3-6pm.
Eastside Arts Alliance is located at 23rd and International, Oakland.

Helpful links to lear more about  B.A.M.B.D
B.A.M.B.Historical sites within  B.A.M.B.D corridor 14th street:
East Bay  Express: 
Black Bird Press: 

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