Saturday, May 14, 2016


Gays/Lesbians married/trans in restrooms!--time for men to stand up who love sex workers and multiple wives
Now that gays and lesbians can marry and trans people can enter any restroom or locker room, isn't it time for men who desire multiple wives and sex workers to come out of the closet? If men who desire polygamy and sex workers will get organized, they can fulfill their desires just as others have done in this wild crazy world. The reason the LGBT community acquired rights is because they organized to do so. What is wrong with these weak ass men who won't get their nuts out the sand but rather complain about what gays, lesbians and trans people are doing. What does it matter what they do when you can't do what you want to do? I am not concerned about what somebody else is doing, I only care about what I want to do. Now if I can't do what I want to do, we got a real problem up in here! But the solution is political, not to engage in pseudo moral pronouncements that make people hypocritical. As men, we should be ashamed of ourselves for being unorganized  for the rights we desire and need. Why should grown men not be able to be with their sex workers in peace? I'm talking about legal prostitution, not having sex with children and women who are sex slaves.

Long ago my friend, then Assemblyman Willie L. Brown, pushed through legislation permitting sex between consenting adults, so why are men still sneaking around in the alley like a broke dick dog, facing arrest, cars seized and other humiliations to be in a mutual agreement with sex workers?

It's time to legalize prostitution and regulate it as it is in the State of Nevada. When I taught English at the University of Nevada, Reno, 1979, no preachers talked against gambling and prostitution. One Black preacher received a Cadillac donated by the owner of Mustang Ranch, a venue for legal prostitution.

I'm totally against the trafficking of sex slaves and the spread of disease. As per polygamy, I was not successful with monogamy or polygamy. Mama told me I didn't need a wife, "You need a maid, secretary and mistress, but not a wife!" Obviously, Mama was right, I just can't figure out how she knew so much about her son!
--Marvin X

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