Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Writers: Join the National Writers Union

National Writers Unions
Alone We are Talented. Together We are Powerful. 
Visit NWU.org 
We've added new benefits for members, including new tools to help you publicize your work. Our advocacy is just as strong as ever. Plus, we now have one-click access to gift memberships so you can gift a future journalism school graduate or freelance writer with the most valuable gift he or she could ever get. Or consider just donating to NWU
That's why we're reaching out to you, a past member of NWU.
Rejoin the NWU and get tools to build your career and build a movement of writers, freelancers, and journalists. 
Renew your membership to NWU and: 
  • Get FREE advice on your publishing contract from trained contract advisors who know the pitfalls and the ins and outs of getting the best publishing deal 
  • Get FREE grievance assistance to deal with deadbeat publishers 
  • Access group dental and vision insurance rates 
  • GET a press pass: we’re the only group offering the International Federation of Journalists press pass to freelancers in the United States 
  • Showcase your writing services on our talent database, Find a Union Writer 
  • Submit articles to our website and publicize your work 
Any writer can join NWU, even if you don’t have a byline, are a student, or just write as part of your normal job. 
Visit NWU.org and learn about how to join or support, join, or give the gift of membership to a writer you care about.
If you itemize your taxes, dues may be tax deductable. Dues calculated on a sliding scale based on writing income.

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