Thursday, May 12, 2016

Reply to Marvin X on Dear Mama Day: Lynette McElhaney, President, Oakland City Council

 Poet Marvin X and Lynette McElhaney, President, Oakland City Council
photo Adam Turner


Praying that your heart and mind continue to heal.  Your transparency may help others, both men and women, understand that life is a journey and that we can give ourselves permission to love on, beyond our own failings and the failings of our elders.

Love is a powerful force.  You clearly have been on the soul journey to allow God to heal you and in so doing, free your children to also be on the path of wholeness.

Praying for all the mothers in your life, on this thread and touched by those here connected.  May our quest for mental and physical freedom be realized in our lifetime.

Blessings and peace, Lynette

Message from Marvin X on Mother's Day

Dear Mothers and all women,

I wish you happy Mother's Day! I have been honored to have had a most precious, loving Grandmother, Mother, mother's of my children and women partners, friends and comrades in revolutionary struggle. Aside from writing, being in the presence of beautiful, intelligent, spiritually conscious, politically aware women puts me in heaven on earth.

My father abandoned my mother and I did the same to my wives and children. I have tried my best to reconcile with my former wives and children, and for the most part, I have been successful. For sure, no matter what age, your children need parents for emotional and spiritual support. Many women are single mothers, including my daughters, so they need all the support men can give them, especially fathers. I urge all men to support their daughters whether they are mothers or not.

In this racist society, it is a wonder our women (as well as ourselves) don't go stark raving mad as James Baldwin said in our 1968 interview. It is a miracle mothers are able to take care of children 24/7,  for they cannot blink their eyes for a moment while caring for them, especially their male children who are ever in danger of homicide by their brothers or by the police under the color of law.  Mothers in the hood are ever fearful when their sons go out the house they may not return because of minefields on the path of their daily round. We pray Mothers will find Mama Time and supportive appreciation for the daunting task they endure. Thank God/Allah/Ancestors, this day is for Dear Mama!

Peace and Love,
Marvin X

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