Sunday, May 22, 2016

Donald Trump, shut the fuck up about women!

Even before and certainly after a man deposits his seed in the womb of a woman, he has no rights over the control of her womb and the fruit thereof. Male politicians need to stay out of all issues relating to the body of women. Yes, stick to men's business! You'll be doing great if you can handle men's issues, which is doubtful--alas, you may need the help of women on these issues.

 "Men don't know their asses from a hole in the ground. They must ask their woman, Baby, where's my asshole!" (from the monologue, One Day in the Life, a docudrama by Marvin X)

"Look, when I jump my pussy jumps, therefore my pussy belongs to me!" --Rashidah Mwongozi Sabreen in The Mythology of Pussy and Dick by Marvin X.

Donald, I have my own agenda but if I can help a human being, I will do so, so this is my message to you: Make no more statements about women, focus on American issues, international issues and men issues. Leave all statements regarding women to experts on your dream team. You claim you are a winner but you are acting like a loser and you will lose if you alienate women. I know you love women and I love women but your mouth can defy your ass so please shut up on women issues. Men love you because you speak like a man with his nuts out the sand, so don't alienate the women who are with you 100%, such as your wife, children and grandchildren. Again, I am not with you but I am not against you. --Marvin X

Maestro Marvin X, accompanied by the Black Arts Movement Poets Choir and Arkestra, featuring David Murray and Earle Davis, all three associated with the Sun Ra Arkestra. This performance was at the Malcolm X Jazz/Art Festival, Oakland, 2014. Marvin X is reading Amiri Baraka's poem DOPE. photo Adam Turner

Dear Donald,

I write to you as the father of three daughters, six sisters, a mother, three mothers of my children and several women who impacted my life on the most deepest level and I am forever grateful to all the females in my life.

Most importantly, people who observe me in my private life, say I am most humble when in conversation with my daughters. Indeed, my daughters have taught me humility as per relations with the feminine gender. One reason is because as the father of two sons, one transitioned and one totally alienated, I had to fall back on my daughters for spiritual and emotional support. But much to my surprise, my daughters sent me into shock when I saw their elegance in representing aspects of my personality. It was then that I had to deconstruct my addiction to the patriarchal mythology. I saw my daughters represented every dream I had for my sons. This rocked my patriarchal world to the deepest level, and yet I was  proud of my daughters for representing me and thus continuing the tradition every parent desires of his children, especially when the claim no connection with the family tradition. In truth, the DNA is so strong we continue the family tradition no matter what, yes, often in total ignorance we are carrying on every dream of the ancestors.

I note that you have two sons who are involved in your world and this is great. I don't know if you have daughters, but if you do, I'm sure you are not keeping them below the glass curtain. As parents, we want the best for our sons and daughters and we never know which of them will assume the authority of our desires because DNA is like that.

We can see in our deepest dreams our children take up the baton and carry on even though we have never had a conversation on the matter and they assume what they are doing is on their dime rather than ours.

Most often this is amazing to us when we see they are indeed in the tradition but don't realize it.
I desire only the best for my daughters. I do not want the glass ceiling to stop them from their life goals and, I must admit, they continue to excel, except one daughter  who is yet excelling but has totally given up on America and its white supremacy mythology. "Dad, Ghana may not have electricity 24/7 but Ghana doesn't have white supremacy 24/7. When I go to a four star hotel, nobody follows me around in Accra. When I go to an expensive store in Accra, nobody follows me around. And I have no desire to raise my daughter in a white supremacy toxic environment. I urge you to join me in Ghana.

I am not for you or against you--do your thing. But man to man, I suggest you say nothing else about women issues. As I watch you perform on the political stage, I wonder how many times can you shoot yourself in the foot. As I am known as a foot shooter myself, I suggest you back yo ass up a little for your sake and the American people you want to save from perdition.

I am a revolutionary Black nationalist so I have no problem with you as a white nationalist. Do your thang. As per your building a wall at the border, America has the right to seal her borders. Mexicans have many issues as you have pointed out. I love Mexico and Mexicans because this nation gave me refuge during my exile as a resister to the war in Vietnam in 1970. Not only did Mexico give me refuge, but I was there with brothers and sisters from throughout Latin America, e.g., Cuba, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Columbia and elsewhere. We all are in gratitude for Mexico giving us refuge from US Imperialism. And yet this does not absolve Mexico for the slaughter of students at the University a few months before I arrived in 1970. This does not absolve Mexico for the disappearance of parents who came to the University looking for their children.

But what about US students who were slaughtered at Kent State and the Orangeburg massacure in South Carolina. Or the brutal, violent and longest student strike in American academic history at San Francisco State University to establish Black Studies and Ethnic Studies.

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