Friday, June 10, 2016

Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali!

America loves and honors all resistance fighters when they are dead; will even turn them into American heroes, naming streets and schools  after them, even putting them on twenty dollar bills in the case of Harriet Tubman, but will they quote Harriet on the twenty dollar bill when she said, "I could have freed more slaves if they had known they were slaves!" As they say in Houston, Texas, "You better ax somebody!"

 Oh, Billy boy, are you part of the problem or part of the solution? I hear Ali singing from Paradise, "Oh, Allah, look what they did to my song!" And as per  Hillary for president, Dr. Nathan Hare taught us,"The white woman is the white man in drag!" Our esteemed sociologist and clinical psychologist also taught us the "fictive theory," i.e., everything the white man says is fiction, i.e., a lie, until proven to be fact!" How can Hillary speak before Planned Parenthood when the most dangerous time for a Black child is in the womb?

Ask the Native Americans about American's  forked tongue! In our hour of grief and mourning at the transition of our beloved Muhammad Ali, let us take off our rose colored glasses and see clearly we must guard against being deceived and remain ever on the alert for we are in the midst of devils of the worse kind, who have no good intentions for us, yes, all of us in the 99%, whether white, black, brown or yellow, no matter what gender.

Elijah taugh us to trust no one but wear the armor of God and walk through the midst of our enemies as Jesus did until we reach the Upper Room of our Father's House!

Attalah Shabazz, daughter of Malcolm Shabazz. "Oh Sister Queen, we love you in the name of Allah for keeping the light of your father, Malcolm X, a burning flame of freedom fire! We love you and honor you and all your siblings. We honor little Malcolm Shabazz as well for all he did of righteousness! And we honor and respect your dear Mother, Betty Shabazz, Queen Mother of the Black Nation in the wilderness of North America!"

Even on the day of this last rites to a true American hero, it's amazing how language can trick us, especially when we are ignorant of it. This is why I stress part of our condition is due to our psycholinguistic crisis. As my elder and associate, Dr. Nathan Hare explains, "We cannot claim to suffer amnesia because amnesia presumes we have forgotten something that I maintain the connection was so disconnected that it is beyond amnesia, i.e., we simply have no memory of our past history; not that it was totally erased but close to it." For example, when I listen to kora music, I am enraged to think this is the music we listened to ten thousand years ago, as Ancestor Ali Farka has told us when they asked him was he playing the Blues when he accompanied the Rolling Stones and B.B. King. He responded, "My people have been playing this music for ten thousand years, long before they found themselves captives of the American slave system (Ed Howard term) in the Mississippi Delta and created the music you call Blues." Surely you never imagined the Blues originated from African music of ten thousand years ago when we were in peace, when a man could lose his wallet and recover it years later; yes, Blues originated from a culture without jails and prisons--in you did wrong you were simply banished from the tribe, sometimes forever!

 Mrs. Muhammad Ali
All praise to Sister Muhammad for caring and loving Muhammad Ali!

When Muhammad Ali (may he rest in the grace of Allah) told the world he was the greatest, we thought he was ego tripping, but in fact he had been taught the most simple lesson in Islam, i,e, Alllahu Akbar or God is the Greatest! Along with: La-ee-laha-ee-la-illah, Muhammadan rasulullah, i.e., there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is His messenger.

So Ali was not ego tripping but expressing fundamental Islamic and Nation of Islam teachings, 101. Such teachings are not foreign to the Super Sunnis who suffer their dogmatic version of orthodox Islam, but just note that after four hundred years in the American slave system, we care nothing about orthodoxy, whether Islamic, Christian, Communist, Socialist or any other ideological or theological madness imposed on us by some foreign entity that is forever coming to us in their paternalistic manner to teach us the right way, again, no matter the theological or political  persuasion, as if we can't think for ourselves.

I am so thankful my Mother (Marian Murrill Jackmon) taught me, "Boy, use the mind God gave you!" Thank you, Mom! If we don't, we may surely end up in Jonestown feeding ourselves and our children poisoned Kool-Aid.
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Imam Muhammad and Rev. Jim Jones. We cannot 
condemn the Imam for associating with Jim Jomes
when the entire Black leadership of San Francisco
supported him even after he was exposed as a devil
and departed for Jonestown, Guyana, South America.
Before Jim Jones arrived in Guyana, we interviewed
Prime Minister Forbes Burnham for Muhanmad Speaks
and Black Scholar Magazine, then soon discovered
he was working for the CIA to prevent Guyana from
becoming another Communist regime like Cuba. America
would accept a Black Power government before another
Communist regime in South America. The USA will use
puppets like Prime Minister Burnham to assassinate Dr.Walter Rodney,
one of our greatest minds for Pan African liberation. When he
allowed Jim Jones into the jungle, it only happened after a pay off
and compromise of Guyana officials just as he had done with the
Black leadership of San Francisco who are guilty with Jim Jones
in the mass murder of 900 of mostly North Americans Africans
who were brainwashed enough to drink poisoned Kool Aide and
give it to their children. Moreover, the Jonestown massacre is a
demonstration of the utter desperation of our condition in America
as I write.

Alas, imagine Muhammad Ali's so called Sunni teacher was Imam Warith Deen Muhammad, close friend of Rev. Jim Jones who murdered 900 mostly Black people in Jonestown Guyana, South America. What is more tragic is not only did Rev. Jim Jones hoodwink and bamboozle the poor masses but the entire Black leadership of San Francisco (no need to mention names, but we will say his personal physician was Dr. Carlton Goodlett, publisher of the San Francisco Sun Reporter Newspaper; Goodlett could have administered Rev. Jim Jones his personal poison to prevent the death of 900 poor, mostly North American Africans who fled American seeking solace in the jungles of South America). After all, Elijah taught us the Yacubian mythology that informed us Dr. Yakub used three workers in his bio-tech lab (such as those bio-tech labs in Emeryville Ca., a few blocks from where I live in Berkeley Calif), but we accept the fact they are cloning humans in the best of the Yacoubian myth-science manner. And who were his three main workers: the doctor, nurse and undertaker. Who was with Michael Jackson, his doctor! Who was with Prince, the doctor's son! And you want me to believe the teachings of HEM is poppycock? We suggest you examine your Super Sunni mythological notions that force you to kill people at the drop of a hat because you are suffering the addiction to so-called orthodox religiosity. 

Any religiosity is religiosity and we don't excuse ideology in the same manner of dogmatism that allows one to slip into darkness to the degree one will commit the worst acts of barbarity and savagery. So much for the crisis of spirituality and crisis of the intellectual who refuses to do what my Mother said, "You the mind God gave you." Alas, we are often so smart we outsmart ourselves, as my father told me. He said, "Boy, you should be a billionaire but you outsmarted yourself." And Mom added, "Boy, you don't need them Nigguhs, them Nigguhs need you! They just using your mind. You need to use the mind God gave you and leave them Nigguhs alone!" 

In truth, Mom was just like me or I was just like Mom: in her Real Estate business, she devoted her life to helping our people, in short, she was a Race Woman, just as my father was a Race Man, but Mom went further once she adopted the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy's Christian Science that afforded us not medicine cabinet in our house; we had to know the truth and the truth would set you free, according to Christian Science. Mom was thus a half century ahead of most Negroes in spirituality although today many have found their way closer to her spirituality when they come upon the teachings of Science of Mind, founded by the white man, Ernest Holmes. How amazing so-called Negroes can accept Science of Mind's theology that man is god but not Elijah Muhammad's. 

Surely there is some addiction to white supremacy here, and we must note most of the new-found followers of Science of Mind are the petty-bourgeoisie so-called Negroes who found the theology of a "Nigger" unacceptable but the white man saying essentially the same thing, quite acceptable. One of my elders, now ancestor, heard my partner (at the time) deliver the opening message at my concerts, he whispered to me, "Marvin, that girl teaching Islam, that's Islam," although my partner was convinced she was teaching Science of Mind religiosity. I allowed her to give the opening address only became I knew, as my elder said, she was teaching essentially Islam or quite simply, the truth! And how many versions of the truth exist? Either it's the truth or it's a lie!

And so we end today with the last rites of Muhammad Ali, and as ancestor Betty Shabazz taught us, "Find the good and praise it!" And so we do as she said, we find the good in Muhammad Ali and praise it, not ignoring his glaring contradictions that we all have upon examination!

What a joy it was to travel along the path with Muhammad Ali, to suffer his sufferings, even transcending his suffering when we experienced exile from America twice, then jail and prison. Yet, we are so thankful for the experience, for every minute of it: yes, exile, jail and prison was a learning experience and we are thankful to be a fellow traveler on the highway of the Most High, Worthy of Much Praise, Muhammad Ali. We are thankful for that brief moment we met at the home of Elijah Muhammad's house, even though we did not do the interview I came to do; even thought I did not meet Elijah Muhammad, but I met Clara Muhammad, first lady of the NOI, and I appreciate my interchange with Ali. He went into a room to converse with the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and came out to tell me he was instructed to not do the interview for Ramparts Magazine. He said, "Brother, this is the man I'm willing to die for; so what he's says, I do!" 

Ali noted I had blood on my shirt from shaving and asked me if I needed some money since I had waited for him several days in Chicago while he was in Detroit. When I said, yes, he reaching in his pocked and gave me a few hundred dollars. I departed Chicago as high as I have ever been, after all, I met Ali in the house of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and exchanged greetings with the first lady of the Nation of Islam, a story I will tell about later in more detail since I was able to interview Sister Nisa Bey who lived in the house of Elijah off and on for ten years and gave me her story of ten years in the House of Elijah! All praise is due Allah for Muhammad Ali. Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali Ali!
--Marvin X (El Muhajir)
Oakland CA
Black Arts Movement Business District

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