Thursday, June 30, 2016

Black Bird Press News & Review: Blacks doubt the USA will ever achieve racial equality

Black Bird Press News & Review: Blacks doubt the USA will ever achieve racial equality

Blacks don't believe racial equality will ever be achieved any time
soon, what is Plan B? Or should we just stand around with our penis
and/or pussy in hand and hearts racing, waitin' fa Jesus to step off the
mothership bearing the gift of racial equality? What about getting off
our black behinds to do something for self since it is clear we are in
the house of a liar and murderer and what wife would continue to live
with a husband she has discovered is a liar and murderer. If she
remained, would she not be considered an accomplish to said liar and

for self means self-determination and sovereignty, independence,
nationhood, land, somewhere on this earth where we can live in freedom,
justice and equality as Marcus Garvey and Elijah Muhammad taught us. 

Black America is among the richest nations in the world, we can buy
several states and establish the Republic of New Africa. Or we can
separate from these liars and murderers as Pakistan did from India. How
many more generations of our children do we want to raise in this land
of devils who are heartless, greedy, jealous, envious bastards of the
worse kind, even to their own kind. While visiting the South, people
repeatedly told me they treat dirty white trash worse than they treat
nigguhs! And the dirty white trash are so ignut they would die before
they became a nigguh. What did Chris Rock say, "I'm a rich nigguh but
don't no white man want to be Chris Rock!" 

forget white supremacy America, just like you would divorce yourself
from an abusive partner. Grab your children and run for your life! Allah
said, "If you flee in My name you will find many places of escape and
abundant resources." The reason you won't consider my words (I'm only
repeating what our ancestors and elders taught us) is because you are
addicted to white supremacy Type II (Dr. Nathan Hare, foreword, How to
Recover from the Addiction to White Supremacy, Marvin X, Black Bird
Press, Berkeley). If you are ever able to detox and enjoy long term
recovery, you will regain your mental equilibrium and see clearly what
I'm trying to get into your thick skull. Elijah asked, "Why do we love
the devil?" Answer: because he gives us nothing! You voted for Obama but
got nothing. You will vote for Hillary and get nothing, and you will
love nothing like a hog loves slop! You kill each other daily over
nothing. He kills you daily over nothing. You live a nothing life and
love it because you are addicted to the world of make believe. And you
wonder why your children are wild and crazy. You send them to the enemy
schools to become savages, wild and crazy, then you wonder why they come
home from schools, colleges and universities hating you and everything
you're about, even though they don't really know what you're about
(Amiri Baraka) because they have been taught to hate you no matter what
you have done for them, no matter all your sacrifices to keep them alive
in this hostile environment with these devils wearing suits and ties
and smiling faces.

--Marvin X


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