Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Support a Black Arts Movement Business District related Film project Alice Street

 BAMBD planner Marvin X was interviewed for the Alice Street film project
photo Bert Johnson, Eastbay Express

We are proud to announce that we are currently in Post-Production for the Alice Street documentary! Today we are releasing our new website, trailer and crowdfunding campaign! Click below to see them all!

To quote from the film, "the level of mastery of this piece must reflect the level of mastery of the artists that we are depicting." We know that we have something relevant and powerful here. We want to ensure that this film is worthy of the community and city whose story we are telling. Up to this point, everything that we have created has been on a shoestring budget, far below that of your typical documentary. Despite our limited resources, we generated 100s of hours of breathtaking content and a powerful story. We need a swelling of community support to translate this effort of love into a powerful film.

Our goal is to raise $12,000. The first $8,000 will be matched by the East Bay Community Foundation, giving us a total of $20,000 from this effort. Its a daunting task. Two years ago, we did our first fundraiser and over 100 people came out to help us meet our goal. This time, we're going to need even more people to step up.

We're asking for you to participate in telling this uniquely Oakland story. Please dig deep and contribute what your heart tells you! We have great premium gifts on our Generosity page to offer you for your contribution. Let your community know about this project and please give generously.

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