Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A New Poem by Marvin X: You Imagine

You imagine
all yo friends will be with you til the end
but the old phone book tells all
it is the Book of the Dead
like the Egyptian Coming forth by Day
the dead are numbered by telephone address email
but gone
the book is a testament to yesterday when friends were real and true
no phoniness
pure and true
like a John Coltrane solo
from the heart
real nigguhs
down to the end
they say a friend is a  friend to the end
I look at my phone book
book of the dead
why did you leave me
for what purpose did you depart
without me
where shall I join you, when?
I yearn to see you, hug you kiss you
you are my world the meaning of my being
I know not who these people are in my midst
are they humankind or animal
parable or fable
please help me, pray for me in this land of the living dead....
--Marvin X

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