Again Chinweizu you and your boy Runoko have taken the disinformation low road.
The low road that you have taken is a road paved with a complete revision of the
history of Timbuktu, a misunderstanding of peaceful coexistence and true Pan-Africanism. 

In the first instance, Timbuktu, Mali was the center of the great Islamic Empire called
the "Songhai". The reason why this empire was so great was because of its Islamic
 learning. Nearly all of the inhabitants of Timbuktu could read and write because the
 first thing taught by Muhammad [PBUH] was "Iqra". The word "Iqra" is a command.
It means "Read!" or "Recite!". It is the very first word of the Holy Qur'an to be revealed.
The Mosques and Masoleums of Timbuktu are those of Muslims, who brought and
continue to bring sanity, clarity, and well being to Africa. The 57 state Organization of
Islamic Cooperation has moved to deplore and bring peace to these acts of destruction
whereas the 63 member states of the African Union has not.

Moreso, the Arabs that you speak of in Timbuktu, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Mauritania,
Egypt, Sierra Leone, Nigeria are as African as you. Your ignorance of genetic makeup
seems to make you believe that the Arabs are a race rather than Asiatic-African
admixtures like the original Hebrews, Somalis, Egyptians, Kenyans, Algerians, Tunisians,
Moroccan, Sudanese, Ethiopians, etc.

Your distinct lack of peaceful coexistence and mis-understanding of Pan-Africanism
makes you want to split Africa into two regions so that we can be further exploited by
the West. Your banterings and mistatements play into the hands of the corporate war
mongers who want nothing more than instability. I promise you that your small Voodoo
clique will be ineffectual as many Africans do not see the need for continued bloodshed
and violence amongst African people . You know "truth is stronger than your falsehood"
Chinweizu. The Shaheed that you refer to as Malcolm Omawale was a Muslim Imam
who changed his name from a slave name to Al-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz. He accepted
the name Omawale out of his sense of unity, of which you make a mockery. He never
used this name outside of Africa, and rarely inside. 

What you have hidden from us is the reason why we have these "English names".
I bet that you did not know that I knew that those who you call comrades in Southern
Nigeria, came from the slave trading tribes of the OYO and ARO confederacy.

The infamous slave trade in Nigeria is not known to many people like the slave trade
in Ghana, Senegal, Togo and Benin. It is you and your people who have continued to
call us "Nigger and "Akata" and have refused to negotiate land reparations unlike the
Traditional rulers of Ghana, Senegal, Benin, Liberia, and the other 14 states. It is you
and your kind that are the canker sores of Africa, and wish to divide and conquer it
again so that the West and China can carve it up. 

Time will tell Chinweizu and Rashidi who is correct. Either you come to the Peace
table willing or you will dry up like withered coconuts as will your so-called African tours. 

On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 4:31 PM, Chinweizu <> wrote:
Runoko my man hi,

Please carry on. Ignore this traitor to the black race who goes by the Arab
 names Mustafa Ansari. If he is indeed an African American, his Arab names 
are enough to expose what he really is—He is one of those niggers who were 
looking for Africa and got lost and found themselves in Arabia.  Of course, the 
intelligent ones, like Malcolm X Omowale, saw the difference and quickly made 
their way back to Africa and embraced Africa.  The dumb ones couldn’t tell the 
difference between Africa and Arabia, and adopted Arab identity and sold their 
souls to the Arabs, and have set up in business as brainwashed propaganda 
agents of Arab imperialism. This Dr Mustafa Ansari clearly is one of them dumb niggers.

We are being attacked and you cry out, and he tells you to shut up.  Lest you arouse our
 people to resist his Arab masters? To mind your language. Bull shit! What rascality! No man! 
We need, BY ANY LANGUAGE NECESSARY, to rouse our confused people to an immediate 
and uncompromising resistance to these psychopathic barbarians with their incurable cultural 
intolerance. Like the poet said “don’t shout, scream!” We know whose side he’s on. We know 
his type: blacks whose Arab religion has turned them into mental slaves to the Arabs, has 
turned into Quislings/fifth columnists, enemy agents within our ranks. As one of their type, 
Najib Bilal from Nigeria, illuminatingly said in 2007:
 “I am a Muslim and I worship Allah and I follow the way of the Prophet Muhammad

(peace be upon him). I have no relationship with you, except that your skin is black. The lightest
 Arab is closer to me than you. If there were to be war between Muslims of any shade of color 
and the darkest of black people, I will be on the side of Muslims.” - Najib (from Nigeria)

There you have their confession of loyalty: and it is not to the black race. That’s what’s
 fundamentally wrong with Mustafa Ansari. Note that he says he is a “Muslim attorney and 
political scientist,” not an Afrikan attorney and political scientist. He is basically a Muslim
who happens to be black and who has imbibed the Arab hostility to blacks. Nobody should 
be fooled by his pretence of concern for “our ancestors heritage” in Timbuktu. His ancestors, 
by adoption, are the Arabs, and Timbuktu is African, not Arab, land. Nobody should be fooled 
by his advice to leave matters to his OIC masters’. 

We are at war: these barbarian aggressors have unleashed war on us. This man, Mustafa
 Ansari, is just a traitor to the black race. If we were better organized we would deal with blacks 
like him as all traitors are dealt with in wartime. But the least we can do is ostracize them, to 
stop regarding them as part of our community and stop allowing them to spew their traitors’ 
poison onto Afrikan websites and fora.

On Behalf Of Dr. Mustafa Ansari
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 4:47 PM
To: Runoko Rashidi


Brother Runoko, My Muslim Family and African American Family,

I know you have the good intention of saving our ancestors heritage. Many of our African
 American family have yet to realize how many of us came from this part of Muslim Africa. 
Now that I think of it, the last time I talked with you was some years ago when I was employed
to save the ancient manuscripts of Mali, Timbuktu. However, Brother Runoke your choice of 
language leaves much to be desired. When you use the term "terrorism", and quote a right wing
French [Western] source that says that the Ansar-Dine are Al-Quaeda backed you are inviting a 
"Western invasion" like what occurred in Libya. The west does not know who is Al-quaeda based 
or who is Al-quaeda. This is just a code word of the west for invasion. The last thing that this area 
needs is for the West to pretend that it is protecting these treasures when all they [France and
 the west] are after is oil.

The Libyan invasion was not to protect the Libyans. The west could care less about the Libyans.
 The invasion was to exploit the Libyan oil fields.

I understand that you are a historian, and a very good one at that. However, your analysis suffers
 because you do not understand political rhetoric AKA misinformation and disinformation. As a Muslim
 international Attorney and Political Scientist I want you to know that we are concerned about the Civil 
War between the two Muslim groups but not to the extent of inviting in the west to take care of those 
as you say "fanatical Muslims". The language of the west that you have "adopted" is very troubling
 and unhelpful. To give you an example of how important language is let me give you the opinion of 
57 Muslim States who put out this press release 5 months ago. OIC deplores attacks on historical
 sites in Timbuktu, Mali

Date: 02/07/2012 - View in: Arabic | French - Print

The spokesperson of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), in a statement today,
 deplored the destruction of historical sites in Timbuktu, Mali by religious extremist groups. 
The spokesperson said that the sites were part of the rich Islamic heritage of Mali and should 
not be allowed to be destroyed and put in harms way by bigoted extremist elements. The
spokesperson expressed the OIC’s satisfaction at the actions taken by the Government of 
the Republic of Mali against the perpetrators. He added that the OIC calls for taking 
necessary measures and appropriate steps for the protection and preservation of the historical sites.

In other words, our own Muslims can take care of this business, without any interference,
 bombs, etc. from the West. It may take a while, but the outcome will be better than what 
has occurred in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya. You know Runoko the "Devil is in the details"
..and this is a prime example.
On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 4:35 PM, Runoko Rashidi <> wrote:
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Who among us is paying attention to these ignorant and fanatical Muslims and the destruction that they are causing in Africa--in the name of Islam.  We cannot dig our heads in the sand like the proverbial ostrich in the hopes that something good will happen when we sit and do nothing!


The world's patrimony in Timubktu is being destroyed by Islamic fanatics. Shall the Black World remain silent? Youth in Gao have been resisting--fighting back with their bare hands--against invaders armed to the teeth.

Do we care?
Sister Joyce