• Marvin X Jackmon This is the only picture I've seen of Eldridge and myself. Of course I could check with the police, FBI or Cointelpro. Cleaver is wearing one of his tunics he designed at the same time he came out with the "dick pants," so this is after he broke off from the Born Again Christians. Thanks, Muhammad Al-Kareem. I assume you are the photographer.

        Rudolph Lewis Comments on Marvin X's Cleaver memoir, My friend the Devil.

        That book added much to our knowledge of the personal life of  young civil rights/black power leaders. That human side we seldom see without sentimentality and without condemnation. Too often there is too much concern for respectability.
        You are fearless in representations of black life.  Those stances have made all the difference in my own writings.
        Loving you madly, Rudy

        In the Land of My Daughters

        Marvin X: In the Land of My Daughters. Marvin X enjoys a reunion with his three daughters at Oakland's Lake Merritt on Saturday, July 22, 2012. They all hadn't been together in 30 years. When they were eight, nine and ten, they helped grade his English composition papers while he taught at Kings River College, Reedley CA, 1981. Left to right, Amira Jackmon, Esq., (Graduate Yale and Stanford Law School); Nefertiti Jackmon, M.A., Africana Studies, New York University, Albany, B.A., Fresno State University; Muhammida El Muhajir, B.S. Microbiology, Howard University.
  • Photo Gene Hazzard