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 Pull Yo Pants Up !
Critical Notes on Obama Drama: 

Marvin X


Pull Yo Pants Up! is a collection of musings written before and after Obama became President of the United States of America. The writings, fiction and non-fiction, cover his run, the primary, nomination, election and the first term of his presidency.

The historic nature of his run goes without saying. North American Africans were emotionally charged as the possibility of his victory drew near, even though there were those astute enough to understand he was a politician who would do things that all politicians do: say one thing then do another.
His campaign called for change, but once in the White House political expediency deemed he contradict himself and revert to reactionary policies, forgetting the constituency that elected him, especially the poor, North American Africans, Latinos and, young whites, women, gays/lesbians and others.

During the campaign he called for peace, but once elected expanded the war in Afghanistan into Pakistan, though he did say he was going into Pakistan during the campaign.
When he said this on the road to election, I knew then this dude is out of his mind, for who would want to make war in a nation possessing nuclear weapons, especially when the insurgents, Al Qaeda and Taliban, originated from the Pakistani intelligence agency, thus how much distance is there between them and the government?

Who knows! 
In short, after he took the oath of office, we saw him lose himself trying to save the global financiers who caused the economic meltdown, including the sub-prime loan scam that bankrupted the middle class, black and white, to say nothing of the working poor who were scammed as well, hoodwinked and bamboozled out of their basic wealth.
 The economic breakdown has caused massive unemployment, foreclosures and home-lessness. Yet our President rewarded the bandits who robbed the people, and rather than jailing them and/or putting them before the firing squad; they took bailout money and rewarded themselves with bonuses and extravagant retreats, slapping people in the face with their unremitting arrogance, adding insult to those who had been robbed and left half dead on the roadside of economic devastation.

We wondered was our President schizophrenic since he never mentioned helping the poor but rather the rich and especially the militarists who have received unlimited support in their wars of expansion and occupation of Muslim lands.
 We predicted his speech to Muslims would be Miller Lite and a snow job, for how can one occupy Muslim lands and talk peace or As-Salaam-Afakum.

At this hour, America is occupying Iraq, Afghanistan, inside Pakistan with drone aircraft and Blackwater mercenaries, gearing up to enter Yemen, with proxy troops in Somalia.
 So Obama can say one thing, quote Qur'an, hadith, sharia, Islamic history etc., but what's happening on the ground? These essays attempt to point out his policy contradictions and hopefully the people will take things to the next level.
 Dr. Cornel West says respect him, protect him, but correct him. And I say we must check him with protests and demonstrations, for politicians of every stripe respond to pressure, as we saw with the Democratic defeat in Massachusetts, Virginia and New Jersey.

Maybe he and his cohorts are beginning to see the light. His focus on reforming health insurance was noble, but misplaced energy in light of the severe unemployment situation, ten to fifteen million, even more if those not counted were counted in the ghettos who suffer perennial lack of work under the best conditions of the general economy. And yet we see his administration funding employment of insurgents in Iraq, with plans for the same in Afghanistan, including schooling and housing.
 What about the war in the hood? Ten to fifteen thousand homicides nationwide annually, a low intensity war that receives no real attention because it is mainly young black men who are expendable in the economy of globalism, with outsourcing to markets where labor is cheap and natural resources "a steal."
With the bailout of the banker bandits, we saw Obama and his cohorts in another contradiction, for it was socialism for the rich, capitalism for the middle class and poor.

In short, the rich robber barons were rewarded, replenished and enabled to continue business as usual, a clear contradiction of the free market philosophy so touted by the right wing demigods and war hawks. True capitalists would have allowed market forces to play out but instead we saw a brotherhood of thieves coming to the aid of each other, and Obama appeared to have joined the gang of thieves, perhaps he was beholden to them for "selecting" him for "election."
We had to take off our rosecolored glasses and romanticism about the first black president. In truth, we have seen his type around the world, throughout Pan African nations on the continent and in the Caribbean, men in black face but white hearts.

Either we can cry crocodile tears or be about the business of organizing and demonstrating until our agenda is met in a substantial manner.
 We are forced to look upon Obama in strictly political terms, certainly not racial terms since he is a post-racial Negro or Black or North American African. Yet we saw his Harvard comrade, Skip Gates, discard his post-blackness when confronted by police when he failed the tone test established for blacks, the lesson he missed at Harvard and Yale.

Perhaps we should look upon Obama post-blackly as well. Like Skip Gates, who reverted to his negrocities when placed under arrest, when Obama is thoroughly crucified by his detractors on the Right and the Left, expect him to show his true color, if he has any Africanity remaining after the first term.

For sure, he doesn't get the fact that Republicans have no intention to allow him to succeed in any of his agenda items, except when he moves in harmony with their militarist pipe dreams of placing the world under white supremacy occupation and domination. Their obstructionism is crystal clear and we wonder when will he follow his mind and used the power of his bully pulpit to destroy his opposition before they do the same to him.

We see they are unrelenting in their attempt to play "block men and women."

We, the people, must struggle on, struggle on, pass idealism and romanticism that a black president was going to save us, liberate us from centuries of oppression, economic, social and psychological. Only us can free us, from the bottom up, not top down.

We can show our displeasure at the voting booth, as the people of Massachusetts displayed, or we can ultimately use the general strike and maybe Obama, his administration, and both political parties will understand it is time for a fundamental change of the economic order, not reform or repair, for the cancer of greed inherent in capitalism cannot be given a band aid, a patch, but needs structural surgery that is radical.

Call the change what you wish, but militarism, capitalism, racism must find its way into the dustbin of history, either now or later, orchestrated by ourselves or our children. Indeed, Pull Yo Pants Up fa da Prez is calling upon youth to channel their energy into radical social action rather than reactionary tripping. They must jump out of the box of quick fix escapism, hedonism and
conspicuous consumption at the stores and malls for the trinkets of materialism that are an opiate the ruling class uses to drug the masses into neo-slavery.

Youth must take the baton of change into their hands, just as the youth of every generation must, otherwise they betray the ancestors who sacrificed to get them to this point.

Yes, it is time to pull up the pants, young brothers and sisters. Stop revealing your naked behinds but show us the genius of your minds! Get busy finishing the work undone, for we cannot proceed without your energy and input and that of your sisters as well. Both genders are vital in this family affair called freedom.

Your elders have set the course, but you must finish the race. Our history is a liberation narrative and it is incomplete. Obama is a marker on the road, but not the end, only a beginning. Ultimately, we must defy the myth of Sisyphus and not only reach the mountain top but stay there by practicing eternal vigilance.

Our generation of the 1960s attempted and accomplished much, but the freedom train has not reached its destination and it shall not until you get on board to engineer the final path up the mountain.

--Marvin X



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2012 Election
Obama on Travon Martin
Obama as Black Killer for White Supremacy
(a fictional interview)
Part Two: A fictional interview
Prez Obama on Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan (a fictional speech)
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Pull Yo Pants Up fa da Black Prez


Obama as Black Killer for White Supremacy

A fictional interview

By Marvin X

MX: Mr. President, thank you again for allowing me this precious time to talk with you.

Prez: Marv, the pleasure is all mine.

MX: Mr. President, you are rapidly gaining the reputation as the black killer President.

Prez: That's a dubious honor, Marv. I certainly would not label myself in that manner.

MX: Well, you took out Osama Ben Laden, Al Alaki and now Qaddafy.

Prez: I'm only trying to make America and the world safe for democracy.

MX: Are you preparing to eliminate the President of Syria, Assad?

Prez: We have no plans in that direction, of course if events continue to deteriorate in that nation, we may need to consider some type of action, in coordination with our friends in that region.

MX: Prez, your policy smells of selective action. You certainly are not thinking about taking out those repressive regimes in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and elsewhere.

Prez: Well, we must think strategically. Those nations you mentioned are important to us in spite of certain human rights abuses, although we encourage them to extend more freedom to their populations.

MX: So your friends get a pass, is that it?

Prez: That's not the term I would use.

MX: Well it's clear those regimes are nowhere in your radar for radical change, especially as per taking out their leaders. But I want to know how you justify assassinating an American citizen without bringing charges against him in a court of law, considering you are a constitutional lawyer?

Prez: You're referring to Mr. Awlaki, of course.

MX: Yes, the man you took out in Yemen a few weeks ago.

Prez: He was an enemy combatant. He tried to killed American citizens. We had no choice but to go after him with all the weight of the American military.

MX: He didn't deserve a trial in a court of law?

Prez: In a normal situation, perhaps, but this war on terror has presented us with special circumstances.

MX: So do you envision the murder of other American citizens whom you deem a threat to the national security of the US?

Prez: It depends on the circumstances, the danger they pose to the American people.

MX: Have you not transcended former President Bush II in your interpretation of US law?

Prez: No, I'm only doing what I think is best to protect the American people.

MX: You seem to have this Manichean concept of good and evil in the world and that you represent good.

Prez: That is your view, not mine. I will say, as did President Bush, you are either with us or against us.

MX: And this includes American citizens as well, does it? No opposition allowed?

Prez: Marv, I think you're stretching it a bit. Of course, the American people have the right to differ with our policies.

MX: But you just murdered an American citizen, without trial, who differed with your policies.

Prez: He went too far.

MX: Who sets the limits, you, in the tradition of your predecessor Bush?

Prez: Circumstances establish the limits.

MX: Do circumstances supersede the US Constitution?

Prez: Not necessarily. We examine each situation on a case by case basis.

MX: Sir, now that NATO has eliminated Qaddafy in Libya, we see you are proceeding on an African campaign. You're quite ambitious and bold, don't you think?

Prez: Marv, I'm only doing what I think is right for the American people and the global community. You're referring to our intention to send troops to Uganda?

MX: Yes, and a few other African nations. Are you now the new King of Africa, especially with the demise of Qaddafy?

Prez: You have quite a sense of humor, Marv, but no, I don't desire to be the King of Africa, but I do desire to prevent mass slaughter in Africa. As a man of African heritage, I am deeply concerned about my people there.

MX: Not to cut you off, but you did receive the Nobel Peace Prize, yet you seem intent on continuing the permanent war policy of your predecessors, from Africa to Asia.

Prez: Don't you think the people of North Africa, specifically, Libya, have the possibility of a better future with the departure of Qaddafy. We all want peace, but sometimes there must be war to achieve peace. I appreciate the Nobel Prize, but I have a job to do, and my job is protecting American interests and human rights around the world.

MX: What about human rights in America? What about the two million men and women in prisons? Have you thought about giving a general amnesty to the mostly poor, ignorant, drug addicted and mentally ill who make up the majority of the prison population in America?

Prez: No I haven't.

MX: Why not?

Prez: I have other pressing issues, such as the economic situation.

MX: Don't you understand that many of those imprisoned were due to economic crimes, the type of crimes that the Wall Street protesters are presently fighting, including the call for a redistribution of wealth?

Prez: Marv, there are many reasons those two million people are in jail, but for the safety of the American people, we have no plans for a general amnesty.

MX: Do you see the Occupy Wall Street movement as a counterweight to the Tea Party movement?

Prez: I see the Occupy Wall Street protests in the American tradition and we support them.

MX: Do you and the Democratic party plan to use them in your reelection strategy?

Prez: Well, where their goals are in harmony with mine, I will call upon them. But I do not believe in class warfare, the rich against the poor. We are one people.

MX: Even when 1% own wealth equal to 99%?

Prez: There must be a some structural change to redistribute the wealth, to insure good wages and job security. I'm for this. We can’t continue excusing the Wall Street robbers, nor can we allow crime in the street. We want the rich to recognize their obligation to the poor and middle class. I'm against corporate greed, but I'm for free trade capitalism.

MX: Aren’t they the same?

Prez: Well, there's enough to go around, no child should be hungry in America, or the world for that matter. We must continue to fight the good fight so that every American citizen can pursue happiness or the American dream. I will do all in my power to convince the people on Wall Street and the people on main street that we must stick together and not destroy the American dream because of greed and selfishness.

MX: Mr. President, thank you for your time.

Prez: You're quite welcome.

--Marvin X

Part Two: A Fictional Interview with President Barack Obama by Marvin X

MX: Mr. President, thanks for allowing me to interview you again.
Prez: The pleasure is all mine, Marv. I truly enjoyed our last talk, although, in your style, you raked me over the coals. I'm not going to let you get away with it this time.
MX: Aw, Prez, you can't have thin skin in the game you're in.
Prez: You think I don't know that by now? I'll be lucky to get out of this situation with any skin, thin or otherwise.

MX: Why you say that, Prez?

Prez, Marv, I'm gonna drop a bomb on you. I'm going to give you an exclusive.

MX: Drop it like it's hot.

Prez, I've had just about enough of this bullshit, fake aas job in the White House. I've said more than once I don't give a damn if I'm a one term Prez.

MX:Prez, you not going to run for a second term?

Prez, Hell to the naw, fuck these peckerwoods and nigguhs too. I don't like being pressured from above and below. I see you can't win in this game, so I'm checking out before I get in too deep.

MX: I can't believe what you're saying.

Prez, I thought about it long and hard, talked it over with Michelle and my girls. They said, Dad, do what you gotta do, we with you all the way, whatever you decide. Even my mother-in-law said, Boy, use the mind God gave you. I told you these white folks is sick.

MX: So are you going back to Rev. Wright's church?

Prez, Marv, first let me ease out the door of that funky White House. Then let me come up for air. Hell, you know I hated to denounce my preacher, but I had to play the game. You nigguhs act like you didn't understand I was gaming the white man, but I was. You know ain't no way a nigguh could stay in Rev. Wright's church for twenty years and not get addicted to black consciousness, but Rev. Wright understands what I had to do to get over on these peckerwoods. They been lying and gaming us for 400 years.
MX: Sho you right.

Prex, A nigguh better learn some game up in this motherfuckin bullshit called America. And the first lesson a real nigguh need to learn is how to lie to the white man's face just like he been doing us the last 400 years. Lie with a smile.

MX: Prez, you talking like Marvin X?

Prez, Let the truth be told. I tried to play the game but it ain't worth it. Why should I spend a billion dollars for my job when millions of people have no job and little chance of getting one anytime soon. A billion dollars for one job? Just doesn't make sense, I rather be unemployed just like them. Let me go back to community organizing, something I like to do and can see the results. I ain't caught nothing but hell with the political bullshit, hell from both sides. If the pecks ain't downing me, I got to deal with nigguhs like you, Marv, fucking with me night and day, you and Cornel and his sidekick, that bitch Tavis. You nigguhs need to cut me some slack, damn. And naw I ain't invitin you nigguhs to the White House for beer.

MX: Prez, you said from the beginning it wasn't about you, but us, so us is on your ass and gonna stay on your ass til you do the right thing, if that's humanly possible.

Prez: Hell, I been doing all I can do. I got you health insurance, didn't I?

MX, Prez, how a nigguh gonna pay for health insurance with no job?

Prez: Marv, I did what I can. You know all the jobs and money are gone overseas. What the hell can I do? All this was in place before I came into the White House. The jobs are gone to China, India, Brazil, and there's nothing I can do about it? The Indians say they'll come to America and hire our workers but at the same wages paid in India. You know them Coolies are crazy. Ain't no American MBA gonna work for $14,000 per year when they used to $140,000 per year.

MX: Prez, I know you can configure something to get our people and the masses of Americans back to work doing something.

Prez: Hell, seem like there ought to be a few job openings, after all, I sent a million illegals back across the border.

MX: Prez, you know ain't no nigguh doing what the Mexicans do, and work hard at it, and be on time.

Prez: I did what I can do. I can't do everything, I'm not a miracle worker.

MX: But you said change we can believe.

Prez: Yes, change you can believe, but what is belief? I know what I know and I know I'm getting the hell out the White House. I've had enough of those No People. Let them fight between themselves like blind fools, Democrats and Republicans, two sides of the same intractable coin of white supremacy. Didn't you write about it?

MX: Yes, you mean my book How to Recover to the Addiction to White Supremacy?

Prez: I read it. Very insightful. But you know white people ain't ready to recover from white supremacy.

MX: Of course not, too many white privileges. Like Chris Rock said, "I'm a rich nigguh, but don't no white man wanna be Chris Rock.” So you have no solution to the job crisis in America?

Prez: Marv, you know the solution is to redistribute the wealth, and who's ready to share the wealth, not the guys I know on Wall Street, people in the military/corporate complex and international finance. They say they will destroy the world before they give up white supremacy. I tried to compromise with them, but you were right when you wrote about them and described them as the No People.

MX: Well, Prez, if you change your mind, let me know.

Prez: Marv, I'm the first Black President. I am satisfied to go down in history as that. Ain't that a hell of a thang? The first nigguh

MX: Yeah, nobody can take that away from you, whether you accomplished anything else, guess it don't matter.

Prez: Not to me, fuck it. Let me go home to Chicago. To hell with those hard headed, recalcitrant, incorrigible, die hard, Republican devils and their tea party sycophants. At least I did one thing.

MX:What's that?

Prez: I got that Osama bin Laden bitch.

MX: I thought he died five years ago of a liver condition.

Prez: Marv, my Seals got that motherfucker. Don't believe all that conspiracy bullshit.

MX: Where's the body, Prez.

Prez: We had to dispose of the body. Those Muslims would turn his grave into a shrine for terrorism, you know that.

MX: What about Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Somalia.

Prez: Marv, I'm trying to deal with those issues right now, but we'll still be over there killing for the next hundred years, hell, how long we been in Korea, Japan and Germany. Hey, I gotta get back to work (laughs). We'll talk again soon, I promise.

MX: Thank you, Mr. Prez.


President Obama on Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan

A fictional speech

Marvin X

Good evening, my fellow Americans. You some silly mother-fuckers. Do you think I'm gonna bring a bunch of troops home from Afghanistan when my generals tell me they can make a few more billion dollars if we keep the troop level up. I'm not gonna do that, hell naw. As long as my name is Barack Hussein Obama, yes, who sane Obama, but you insane if you think the thirty thousand troops I sent over there to kill those mountain goats are coming home anytime soon.

Oh, I might bring home two or three thousand, mostly the wounded with their brains shot out, those with no legs, no arms, we'll send them home, but you know it takes 30 thousand to capture or kill 100 to 500 Al Quida, yes, do the math, 30 thousand men at the cost of one million dollars each--now we don't pay them damn fool grunts no million dollars, but the generals get most of it for their retirement and when they come home to set up defense related corporations. You know the drill, don't you? You know politics and capitalism is dirty, filthy and funky like a ghetto ho. Hee hee hee. vote for me, I'll set you free!

You know we gotta take care of our generals, since they protect us round the world so you dumb sombitches can ride around in your SUVs, playing soccer mom and your husbands can ride through the ghetto at night picking up little black girls for prostitution. Now if you fuck with my little girls, I'm coming after that ass like I did that boy, our boy, Osama bin Laden.

Yes, I got that motherfucker. Hell, it was close to election time so I had to do something. Shot that motherfucker between the eyes and had my boys fuck his three wives fore we got outta Pakistan.

Back to Afghanistan. It is ten billion dollars a month to chase them mountain goats up and down them fuckin mountains, some ten thousand feet to twelve thousand feet up. But we makin progress so we can't leave now. Too much money involved and too much dope. Karzai and his brother are dealing too much dope and it's too good to cut and run now, except for a little draw down fore election time, hee hee hee. Vote for me, I'll set you free, you dumb motherfuckers, especially my nigguhs.

How ma nigguhs doing in da hood? Ya'll still got yo shirt on, pants? I know you ain't got no job, ain't got no house, but you know I had to help my boys on Wall Street. I ain't stupid now, hell, I'm a Harvard nigguh, my nigguhs. Gotta help my brotherhood of thieves and robbers. If ya'll stop going to prison and come to Harvard, we'll show you how to be real criminals.

And they lettin all nigguhs and poor people into Harvard for free, what's wrong wit ya nigguhs? Get yo ass out dem prison cells and come to Harvard so you can be trained to be a real criminal. Look, we ain't gonnna keep payin no $200,000 a year to keep you little snotty nose motherfuckers in juvenile hall. We go put you in Harvard. I'll talk to my man Skip Gates bout giving you a little black studies, none of dat radical shit, some miller lite shit, but I want you to major in crime, how to rob motherfuckers in broad daylight, cheat people out da homes, jobs, take everything, don't leave a motherfucker nothing. Take his wife too. Hee hee hee, vote for me, I'll set ya free!

Back to Afghanistan. I told them mountain goats if they lay down their arms I will pay for them to go to school, get them housing and get them jobs. But them motherfuckers too dumb, can't count to ten. They can fight like hell when they wanna, but they don't want no schoolin, remind me of you nigguhs in da hood. But they worse than you nigguhs, these mountain goats won't even let the women go to school, lease you boyz in da hood ain't dat stupid. Vote fa me, I'll set ya free.

Now you boyz and girls in da hood might wonder why I don't give you motherfuckers jobs if you lay down yo guns and stop terrorizing you mama, daddy, grandpa and grandma, yo woman and babies, yes, you nigguhs is killing yo babies too--sometimes ya'll bad as them mountain goats bombing everything with they good suicide asses. Talkin bout they go get some virgins in Paradise. Do the women get dicks in Paradise? Hee, hee hee. Vote fa me, I'll set ya free!!!!

Let me finish this bullshit speech up so I can hit my cigarette, maybe a little one on one too. Michelle makes me go to a special little room she fixed up for me in the White House to do my thang. You know how them bitches is, always wanna fix up some shit fa a man. Bitch, I'm the motherfuckin Prez, bitch! Better leave me the fuck alone and take care of dem guls and yo mama.

Back to Afghanistan. We go bring home two or three thousand troops and don't fuck with me about it. Matter of fact, kiss my black yellow ass, especially you Republicans and that Cornel West bitch! American people, good night. Prosperity is just around the corner, soon a chicken in every pot. Hee hee hee. Vote for me, I'll set you free!


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