Thursday, July 12, 2012

Obama Drama Coming to Oakland, Vote for me, I'll Set You Free


The President will be visiting Oakland on July 23.  I am inviting you to attend either one of two events that are presently scheduled.  This will be an opportunity for you, family and friends to see and hear the President as he enters the final stages of the campaign.  As you know the President is in a tough fight and he needs all the support that can get both financially as well as campaign workers.  I am encouraging you to contribute at a level that is most comfortable.    Northern California campaign workers made a strong request for the President to come to Oakland/East Bay for the people in this area have been amongst his strongest supporters.  However, given the tightness of the campaign, he needs your support more than ever.  Hopefully you can attend and encourage others to do as well.  Here is the link to make your donation.

The Piedmont link is for a small dinner event at the home of Wayne Jordan and Quinn Delaney.  This event is  limited to a maximum of 45  guests.  Of course, photos with the President will be available.  The Oakland event will be held at the Fox Theatre and it  has different price points.  Photographs will cost $7,500 for one and  $10,000 for more than one person, Premier seats will be $1000 , General Admission  will be $250. If you are interested in either event you should commit sooner than later.  If you don’t want to sign up on line, I will get you a contribution form as soon as they become available. 

For any questions please do not hesitate to contact me either by my email or cell (510 928 5392).

John Burris
OVT NorCal  Regional Co -Chair

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