Thursday, July 12, 2012

Malik Sulaiman on Mali Dialogue, toward Ma'at

This discussion between these Brothers is saddening, yet, it is a discussion

that we should have, without personal attacks on each other. The issue here 

is not only the destruction of Afrikan Islamic Heritage in Mali, but the attack

on this Heritage from White Arabs and Black Afrikans. There is a extreme 

Fundamentalist school of Islam called Wahhabi/ Salafi that has roots in Arabia, 

and attack Afrikan Culture as "Un-Islamic." 

There is an extreme Afrikan School 
of thought that sees Islamic Culture as 
Un-Afrikan. Then there is a another school of thought called Sufi that embraces 
Islamic and Afrikan Culture, and it is this School that built Sankore University,
and Malian Civilization.The Wahhabi/Salafi promote Arab Imperialism, not Islam! 
The extreme Afrikan school promotes a "more Black/Afrikan than thou" Pan 
Afrikanism that is more exclusive than inclusive of our people, think about 
the millions of our people who accept Islam, Hebrew, or Christianity, 
which all have Afrikan Roots. 

May we achieve Balance!

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